4 Best Snow Plows For Jeep Wranglers for 2023

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As an owner of a Jeep Wrangler, one thing is for sure that the vehicle will never stop to amaze you with its amazing capabilities. This powerful and versatile vehicle can help you get rid of that thick white blanket on your driveway and clear the path to drive down the road on a snowy morning.

With a wide range of jeep accessories available, you can accomplish a lot of things with this beast. You just need the right equipment – a snowplow to remove the obstacles after a snowfall. While a Wrangler is capable of plowing, you will need to consider several factors before installing the equipment.

With so many different brands and models available, finding the best snow plow for jeep Wrangler is not easy as there are many things you need to take into account. Our team has done the research work by reviewing and comparing several snow plows available for the jeep.

We have created reviews for some of the top-rated and handpicked snow plows based on weight, features, price, and so on. If you don’t have the time to read until the end, we suggest that you order the MotoAlliance DENALI 72 inch UTV Snow Plow Kit (see Amazon) that is well built and backed by a 3-years manufacturer warranty.

#1. MotoAlliance DENALI 72 inch UTV Snow Plow Kit72 x 8 x 17 inches182 poundsShop Now
#2. Meyer Products 26000 Home Plow85 x 48 x 31 inches414 poundsShop Now
#3. Detail K2 DK2 Avalanche AVAL8422 Universal Snow Plow Kit84 x 19 x 2 inches296 poundsShop Now
#4. DK2 Avalanche Universal Snow Plow Kit82 x 19 x 2 inches288 poundsShop Now

#1. MotoAlliance DENALI 72 inch UTV Snow Plow Kit

This sleek and sturdy MotoAlliance DENALI snow plow kit is 72 inches long and compatible with UTVs and SxS. Made from 11 gauge steel, this heavy-duty straight plow blade fits a jeep Wrangler and does a great job of removing the thick sheets of snow from your driveway or road.

Designed and built in the US, this snowplow features four 7 gauge ribs that run the full height of the attached blade and perfectly fit the jeep’s frame. Three additional horizontal stabilizers provide support to the deepest point of the snow plow’s blade.

The package includes a straight plow blade, replaceable wear bar, mount plate, adjustable skid feet, push tubes, and required hardware for the installation. We are pleased to know that the manufacturer stands behind the product with a 3-year warranty and good customer service.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 72 x 8 x 17 inches
  • Weighs 182 pounds
  • UTV Pushtubes
  • 65-degree attack angle
  • Installation Hardware and Instructions
  • Heavy-duty blade

User/ Customer reviews

Most users have said that installing the snowplow on the jeep was easy and they had a great time blasting the snow to clear the driveway. Some people have said that they had issues with the set-up but the friendly customer services helped them out. Almost everyone feels that the product feels durable and it is built to last several winters.


The MotoAlliance DENALI (shop now) is a great tool to have if you live in a region that gets frequent snowfalls. It takes the effort out of cleaning your driveway, making it appear more fun than work. Overall, we feel this is one of the best jeep accessories money can buy to make it easier to take out your jeep in winters.

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#2. Meyer Products 26000 Home Plow

The next product on our list is the full hydraulic power home plow from the house of Meyer Products. Made in the USA using high-grade materials, this jeep equipment is engineered in a way to help you direct away from the sheet of snow exactly where you want without you having to leave the comfort of your jeep.

There is a power angling feature that allows users to move the jeep blade up, down, left, or right with just the touch of the button. The sturdy steel construction makes it more durable and the four-blade positions let you work as per your comfort.

The 26000 Home Plow comes with a hydraulic remote that lets you lift the plow and remove snow in the angle you want. Besides the superior performance, we also like the durable powder coating, with yellow and black color that gives your vehicle a stylish appearance.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 85 x 48 x 31 inches
  • Weighs 414 pounds
  • Full Hydraulic Power Home Plow
  • Mounting Type 2-inch
  • Class-3 front receiver hitch
  • Plow Finish Powder-coat
  • Color Yellow/Black

User/ Customer reviews

Several users have praised the quick and easy installation that can be done within a few minutes if you have some technical knowledge. Customers have said that the plow looks well built and fits well, but it is meant only for light-duty work. A few users have warned that the snowplow would not work if you live in a region that gets heavy snowfall.


This is a great concept snow plow designed for jeep Wrangler and it comes with fluid and ready to use out of the box. Although durable, let’s not forget this product has a lighter construction, hence suitable for use in light snow. Overall, we think this Meyer Products 26000 Home Plow (shop now) offers you a good value for the money.

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#3. Detail K2 DK2 Avalanche AVAL8422 Universal Snow Plow Kit

When you want a heavy-duty snow plower to go with your jeep Wrangler, we suggest the Detail K2 DK2 Avalanche AVAL8422. Designed for both light-duty trucks and SUVs, this snowplow comes with a two-inch front receiver hitch mounting system and wireless controller to raise and lower blade.

Made from high-quality steel, the DK2 Avalanche AVAL8422 is sharply designed to help you clean the driveway in less than a fraction of the time. The manufacturer also gives you the option to choose from an 82 or 84-inch wide plow that can be manually adjusted and locked in 3 different angling positions.

These sturdy plows are built in a way to easily and efficiently push large amounts of snow without corroding or rusting. They are tough enough to take a lot of abuse without dinging or denting. Package includes a snow deflector, caster wheels, skid shoes for easy installation.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 82 or 84-inch width
  • Wireless controller
  • Designed for SUVs and trucks
  • Two-inch front receiver hitch mounting system
  • 3 different angling positions

User/ Customer reviews

Jeep owners appreciate the fact that you can assemble the snow plower with some common hand tools, before attaching it to the SUV or truck, and all this takes less than an hour. While most users are happy with the easy assembly and installation, the manual leaves a lot to be desired.


This DK2 Avalanche AVAL8422 (see Amazon) is well designed and built to clear the driveway within a fraction of time by removing thick blankets of snow. Each part in the snowplow is built to precision using high-quality materials to ensure that your investment lasts for years. Overall, this unit delivers incredible performance at a reasonable price.  

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#4. DK2 Avalanche Universal Snow Plow Kit

The next product on our list is DK2 Avalanche Universal Snow Plow Kit is designed to work with both SUVs and light-duty trucks. It comes attached with a two-inch front receiver hitch mounting system and a wireless controller that helps to raise and lower the blade.

Manufactured using high-quality steel, the snowplow can be adjusted manually and locked in three various angling positions for convenient plowing. Users can choose from 82 or 84-inch width size, and these units are capable of efficiently pushing large amounts of snow without rusting or corroding.

This ready to use equipment comes with all the essential tools such as caster wheels and a snow deflector to get started. Installation is easy as you do not need any additional tools to set up the unit. Although there are not enough instructions included, anyone with some decent mechanical knowledge should be able to do it.

Product features and specifications

  • Weighs 288 pounds
  • Designed for SUVs and trucks
  • 2-inch front hitch mounting system
  • Wireless controller to raise and lower blade
  • Available in 82 or 84-inch width

User/ Customer review

Several users have said that the snow plower looks great and the quick connect makes it easy to install and remove the plower when not needed. Customers love the fact that there are attached pulley wheels that help you move the plow around when it is not attached to the truck. A few users have warned that it has a light construction and does not feel very stiff.


When you want a really good plow that is easy to take on and off as required, this one by DK2 Avalanche (see more) fits the bill just right. As the unit comes with all the essential tools needed for installation, set up is easy and you will soon be able to start pushing the snow aside. Overall, we think this is an investment you will not regret making.

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Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Getting A Snow Plow For Jeep

  • When you wish to go back and forth between plowing and normal driving regularly, you will need to find a plow that’s both easy to install and disconnect.
  • There are numerous mega-high-tech plows, but you may want to weight their features and abilities, against the intricacy of installation.
  • Always ensure that safety is your top priority and take care of proper precautions and techniques needed to protect your investment and those around you while driving in fatal conditions.
  • You may need to check the area carefully before a snowfall to identify any hazards such as rocks, ditches, hydrants, and curves in the road. You may want to use neon markers to recognize boundaries around obstacles.
  • Make sure that you take good care of your vehicles by regularly monitoring fluids, checking belts, tire pressure, changing oil, and investigating anything unusual.
  • By taking care of your jeep, we mean using snow or all-weather tires and driving in a low gear while plowing. You should also be careful about keeping an eye on engine temperature.

Tips To Effectively Use A Snow Plow With Your Jeep

  • The snowplow comes with a user guide or manual that you must read thoroughly to ensure that you venture out in a snowstorm knowing everything about the operating system.
  • After you get your new snowplow, attach it to your vehicle, and take it around a few times to practice driving with the unit attached. The practice to move with weight will come handy to make you more confident when plowing.
  • Be proactive and don’t let the snow sit on the driveway for too long because if the sun comes out, it will turn into a slushy mess. Try to go out there as soon as you can to remove the snow.
  • Always follow a systematic and symmetric route while plowing as this will not only save time and gas but setting a path will also, make you more comfortable and effective.

Related Questions

How long does it take to plow a driveway

It takes take anything between 30-40 minutes to plow a standard size driveway using your new snow plow for jeep Wrangler. With the right tool, this is surely going to be an enjoyable task.

Is it bad to plow using your jeep Wrangler

If there is a thick sheet of ice then plowing will put a reasonable amount of pressure on your jeep, but it will not kill the vehicle. After all, these jeeps were designed to take a lot of beating; hence they perform well even in adverse conditions. 

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