9 Best Tow Bars for Jeep Wranglers for 2023

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The Jeep Wrangler is known for its hardiness, durability, and looks that match an adventurous spirit. While we expect to get uninterrupted service from such a high-quality beast, life does not always go as planned. Lack of proper maintenance and too much use of your adventuring vehicle may result in you finding yourself in a towing situation.

If this happens on a highway, it can prove to be very difficult for you without any help nearby. Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere can be very bad indeed. Even if you do manage to hitch a ride from someone going your same direction, you will still need something to tow your Jeep back home or to a repair shop.

If your travelling lifestyle includes you carrying your Jeep Wrangler along when travelling in an RV, this is another instance in which you will need to transport your vehicle using a tow bar. If you are in the market to buy a new tow bar to be prepared for any adverse situations during your travels, you should probably prepare now to be a bit confused and overwhelmed.

There are so many different brands and models of tow bars to choose from that nearly anyone would feel utterly confused by such a huge selection. To make the decision-making process easier for you, our team has reviewed some of the best tow bars available on the market and compared the products among each other to help you make an informed decision.

Read on to find our unbiased reviews of some of the best tow bars, handpicked by our team after careful analysis and research. If you don’t have time to read through each review until the very end, then we suggest that you go with our editor’s pick: the Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha Tow Bar (see Amazon). This option is easy to use, a fold-away unit that weighs only 35 lbs., and it has a towing capacity of 6,500 lbs.

Product NamesMax. Load
#1. Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar6,000See Price
#2. Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha Tow Bar6,500See Price
#3. Blue Ox BX4370 Ascent Tow Bar – 2″ Receiver, Class III 7,500See Price
#4. Blue Ox Alpha 2 Tow Bar and Baseplate Combo6,500See Price
#5. Blue Ox BX4330 Acclaim Class III Tow Bar5,000See Price
#6. CURT 19745 Universal Car RV Tow Bars5,000See Price
#7. CURT 70001 Rambler Steel RV Tow Bar7,500See Price
#8. Reese Towpower 7014200 Adjustable Tow Bar5,000See Price
#9. Universal Tow Bar Adjustable Mount Tow Bar Tow Kit5,000See Price

#1. Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar

The first product on our list of best tow bars for the Jeep Wrangler is the Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar. Made in the USA, this hitch-mounted tow bar has durable, stainless-steel construction, and it comes with telescoping arms that lock into place automatically.

This high-quality and aesthetically pleasing tow bar comes with a large hookup radius that enables you to easily connect without having to line up your Jeep perfectly. We love the fact that this tow bar can be easily folded and stored inside an RV when not in use.

We were also impressed to find out that Roadmaster uses advanced computerized testing on every tow bar design to ensure precision and good performance. The “quick disconnect” system allows you to quickly mount and remove the tow bar on your own.

Product features and specifications

  • All-terrain model
  • Made in the United States
  • Telescoping arms
  • Storage Latch
  • Quick disconnect system
  • Weight: 50 lbs.

User/Customer Reviews

Those who have used the towbar have said that the product is extremely reliable and takes a lot of beatings with ease. Some people have even said that they have towed their Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for close to 6,000 miles using this unit on bumpy dirt roads—not just highways. A few customers have also mentioned that installation was a breeze.


The Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar (see Amazon) not only offers quality, but it also gives you assurance that you will never be stuck or stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire or any other type of breakdown. The tow bar is easily folded and can be carried with ease. With an easy installation system and durable construction, this Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar is one of a kind.

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#2. Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha Tow Bar

The Alpha tow bar from Blue Ox is designed to be used for towing vehicles up to 6,500 lbs. It can be easily mounted and folded away when not in use to store on the back of your RV. The design is self-aligning and has a quick disconnect system with easy-release locking handles.

Made from solid steel, you can be sure that the durable construction will not fail you when you are stranded or stuck on a highway. The full package includes safety cables, the fold-away tow bar, and disconnect hookup pins for easy installation and assembly.

The product also comes with instructions to help you latch and unlatch the tow bar, and the high capacity ensures that it can easily pull heavy SUVs. Additionally, it has a nice decal over the tow bar that further enhances the overall appearance of the product.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: ‎41 lbs.
  • Maximum capacity of 6,500 lbs.
  • Mounts and stores with ease
  • Easy-release locking handles
  • Dependable, steel construction

User/Customer Reviews

Those who have used the product have said that they are impressed with the reliable construction and strength of the tow bar, stating that it’s very easily capable of pulling heavy vehicles. Some people have mentioned that it is easy to connect and remove the tow bar from their vehicle as well. A few customers have said that they feel the quality control is lacking in this product.


If you are in the market and looking for a good quality tow bar capable of towing a heavy vehicle, then the Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb Tow Bar is a good fit. It’s not only incredibly easy to use, but it also delivers a flawless performance, making it one of the best tow bars that money can buy. Overall, we think this product is worth the extra investment.

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#3. Blue Ox BX4370 Ascent Tow Bar – 2″ Receiver, Class III

The next product on our list is the BX4370 Ascent Tow Bar from Blue Ox, and it is capable of towing a maximum weight of 7500 lbs. It features a sturdy, aircraft-grade aluminum construction yet weighs only 31 lbs., making it extremely easy to carry along with you.

The legs of these tow bars are 2 inches longer than average, and this makes it easy to maneuver around tight corners. It has offset triple lugs that make the process of unhooking from the vehicle very simple. When not in use, it is easy to stow away the tow bar and store it conveniently in your RV.

The tow bar additionally comes with rubber boots, which prevent dirt from getting in the legs. We also love the impressive Diamond Vogel metallic powder coat finish. The full package includes safety cables along with the bar, but there are non-binding latches.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Diamond Vogel metallic powder coat finish
  • No centering pin — easy to stow and store
  • Non-binding latches
  • Off-set triple lugs
  • Rubber boots
  • Safety cables included

User/Customer Reviews

Several users have said this is a good upgrade compared to the previous models of the brand, and the product works exactly as advertised. People have also stated that the tow bar is extremely lightweight and easy to install on a motorhome. A few customers have also mentioned that the product folds up really well when not in use and can be lifted without much effort.


The Blue Ox BX4370 Ascent Tow Bar (see more) is a lightweight and easy-to-use tow bar that can be folded and stored when not in use. It can easily tow a vehicle with a maximum weight of 7,500 lbs. Although not cheap, this is a well-made tow bar that comes at a reasonable price. Overall, we feel that this product is worth every penny.

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#4. Blue Ox Alpha 2 Tow Bar and Baseplate Combo

The next one on our list is also produced by Blue Ox and we are impressed with this Alpha 2 Tow Bar and Baseplate Combo. This product comes with a removable base plate with a tab height of 14.5 inches and a tab width of 24 inches apart.

Although the Alpha 2 tow bar is rated at being able to withstand 6,500 lbs. of weight, it weighs only 47 lbs. itself. It conveniently fits into a 2″ receiver, and it can be easily folded away and stored on the back of the RV. The off-set triple lugs work well for aligning and preventing binding. These spread the force equally without any unnecessary stress.

The tow bar comes equipped with a non-binding latch mechanism for easy hook-up to the vehicle. The brake system, receiver, and tow bar locks are not included in the package. There is also a custom fit cover to protect your new tow bar and keep it looking great.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: only 47 lbs.
  • Removable base plate
  • Off-set triple lugs
  • Brake system
  • Non-binding latch mechanisms

User/Customer Reviews

Several users have said that this tow bar is designed to provide everything you need to get on the road and ensure substantial savings on the purchase. People have also said that the installation is easy and, after fixing it to the RV, it feels like just another part of it.


The Blue Ox Alpha 2 Tow Bar and Baseplate Combo (sho now) is a safe and secure tow bar designed to let you tow your vehicle with ease. It comes with all the parts required to make the installation easy for you. At this price, we feel that this tow bar is one of the best you can find on the market.

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#5. Blue Ox BX4330 Acclaim Class III Tow Bar

The Blue Ox BX4330 is a Class III Acclaim tow bar that comes with virtually maintenance-free service. It belongs to the Signature Series, sporting protective rubber boots and easy-release locking handles. Made from solid steel, it can easily tow vehicles up to 5,000 lbs.

As a self-aligning, self-storing, and easy-folding tow bar, this unit is not only easy to use but also delivers an exceptionally good performance. It can automatically lock in the towing position for a convenient ride, and again, it can be used for towing vehicles that are up to 5,000 lbs. in weight.

Just like the easy installation, removing or detaching the tow bar is also easy by simply removing it using two pins. Additionally, make sure that you clean the entire surface periodically with a mild soap and water solution, and wipe it dry using a clean cloth.

Product features and specifications

  • Measurements: ‎6 x 8 x 36 inches
  • Class III tow bar
  • Tows vehicles up to 5,000 lbs.
  • Easy-folding, self-aligning, self-storing
  • Automatically locks in towing position
  • Ball-mount tow bar
  • Detaches with two pins

User/Customer Reviews

Those who have used the tow bar to carry their Jeep Wrangler or minivan behind their RV have said that it hooks up well and also unhooks pretty easily. Some people have also said that the levers on the extension arm are a must-have as it lets you take tension off the arms. A few customers have warned that the product is slightly on the heavier side though.


The Blue Ox BX4330 Acclaim Class III Tow Bar (learn more) is a well-built unit and boasts solid construction. It not only installs like a breeze, but it also unhooks easily and can be folded back up to store when not in use. It is a must-have for anyone who owns a motorhome. At this price, we feel that the product offers a good price-to-performance ratio.

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#6. CURT 19745 Universal Car RV Tow Bars

Now, we move on to the next selection by our review team: CURT 19745 Universal Car RV Tow Bars (see more). These tow bars are designed ideally for flat towing or dinghy towing a small vehicle behind your RV or motorhome to add more convenience to your camping or travelling fun.

The tow bar is highly adjustable, so it can fit with a wide range of vehicles, including a Jeep Wrangler. It can easily open and close from a width of 41 inches to 26 inches. For installation, the brackets are bolted to the vehicle’s bumper.

The tow bar comes equipped with a durable 2-inch trailer hitch to connect to an industry-standard, 2-inch trailer ball on your motorhome. It can easily mount onto the frame of the vehicle as well and can tow up to a weight of 5,000 lbs.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: ‎31.6 lbs.
  • Adjustable tow bar
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Standard fit
  • Dependable strength

User/Customer Reviews

Some users have said that the nuts are hard to turn, but they are designed that way to ensure that they do not get loose and fall off. People are happy with the easy and secure installation, as well as the tow bar’s ability to tow a heavy vehicle. A few customers have also mentioned that these units are corrosion-resistant to protect against various outdoor elements, which is a huge plus.


The CURT 19745 Universal Car RV Tow Bars are a strongly-built product that delivers better performance than the Blue Ox model, but they cost relatively less. The hook-up and release are seamless to ensure that the vehicle is perfectly aligned with your motorhome. No wonder this is one of the best tow bars your hard-earned money can buy!

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#7. CURT 70001 Rambler Steel RV Tow Bar

The Rambler RV tow bars from CURT have their patent pending, but we found them to be one of the best in the market for Jeep Wranglers. These bars come with non-binding latches that let you enjoy a hassle-free disconnection on any irregular terrain. They also come with auto-locking arms that help you connect with your vehicle quickly.

This tow bar is lightweight and weighs only 40 pounds, making it much easier to handle and set up compared to other tow bar options available on the market. We were impressed to find that the tow bar is both made from solid steel and is even rated for 7,500 lbs. towing capacity. 

The tow bar is protected with a hard-wearing black powder coat finish that is also weather-resistant and lasts for a long time. It features a fully-sealed design and rubber sleeves to prevent outdoor dirt and grime from becoming a problem. It can fit any 2-inch x 2-inch receiver hitch and can safely connect to CURT or Blue Ox baseplates (neither included in this package).

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Non-binding latches
  • Solid steel construction
  • Weather-resistant
  • Standard fit

User/Customer Reviews

Many people who have used this tow bar have said that they are impressed with its heavy-duty construction and easy installation. Those who bought the product to tow their Jeep Wrangler have also mentioned that this is perfectly suited for that particular use. A few customers have warned that the only problem they’ve experienced is that one of the hands does not release properly.


This is one of the tried, tested, and proven tow bars, made from high-strength steel for dependable towing. With a capacity to tow vehicles of up to 7,500 lbs. of weight, it’s the perfect unit for a variety of SUVs, cars, trucks, and Jeeps. Overall, we feel that the CURT 70001 Rambler Steel RV Tow Bar (shop now) offers performance along with safety.

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#8. Reese Towpower 7014200 Adjustable Tow Bar

Founded in 1952, the Reese brand has become a household name in the towing industry, hence it needs no introduction. This Class III tow bar is an adjustable tow bar, designed to securely tow a variety of vehicles when a trailer is not in use.

The Reese Towpower bar is made of solid steel for more strength and durability, as well as has a black powder-coated finish to prevent corrosion in bad weather conditions. It is capable of towing vehicles with a maximum weight of up to 5,000 lbs.

The package includes a 2″ coupler and a set of universal bumper brackets—perfect for SUVs. The installation is easy, but a base plate may be required. Users can also buy the safety chains that are sold separately.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: 32 lbs.
  • Includes a 2-inch ball coupler, pin, and clip
  • Adjustable tow bar
  • 5000 lbs. capacity
  • Base plate required

User/Customer Reviews

Those who have used the product have said that this tow bar is a universal fit, so it works well, but please keep in mind that it may not be perfect for your specific model. Some have said that installation is easy, but you may have to fabricate some brackets or additional supports to get the mounting brackets attached. A few customers have warned that this tow bar feels slightly weaker than the competitors’ products.


The Reese Towpower 7014200 Adjustable Tow Bar is an adjustable universal fit towing bar that can be used for Jeep Wranglers, Toyotas, minivans, and many more. You just need to ensure that you maintain an idle speed and avoid any sudden stops as much as possible, and you will be good to go. At this price, this is one of the best products on the market.

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#9. Universal Tow Bar Adjustable Mount Tow Bar Tow Kit

Last but not least is this adjustable mount tow bar kit from Universal. This bar comes with safety chains and mounting brackets, and it also has an amazing towing capacity of 5,000 lbs. The package includes an adjustable mount tow bar, heavy-duty coupler fit 2″ ball arm extension, wide adjustable arms, and two bars.

The installation is pretty easy using the components provided in the package, and you can also use the two-pins “quick disconnect” system for removal of all hardware. The magnetic tow lights that have 26 feet worth of cable in the package are weather-safe and can be used in any conditions with ease.

While these tow bars are designed to straightway plug into your flat-four, other adapters can be installed easily. However, the tow bar makers suggest that you seek help from a professional mechanic for the installation.

Product features and specifications

Measurements: ‎58 x 11.3 x 5.5 inches

  • Weight: ‎34.1 lbs.
  • Rated for 5,000 lbs.
  • Adjustable-mount tow bar
  • Heavy duty coupler fit 2″ ball
  • Safety chains and locking 2″ coupler
  • Quick-release pins

User/Customer Reviews

Some users have said that they were initially skeptical about using this tow bar, but they gave it a try and are happy about it because they saved a lot of money. People have mentioned that the tow bar works as expected and can easily tow 3,000-lb. to 5,000-lb. vehicles. A few customers have warned that the tow bar needs to be removed when you have reached the destination though.


If you want a good quality, adjustable tow bar that works without you having to shell out a lot of money for towing, then the Universal Tow Bar is a good fit. Anyone who has some mechanical knowledge can do the installation in about an hour; others can get help from professionals. Overall, we feel this is a great buy.

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Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Tow Bar for Your Jeep Wrangler

While the products reviewed above are all carefully selected by our team, there are still a few things that you need to keep in mind. Here are some of the things that you will need to consider when trying to find a perfect fit for your Jeep Wrangler.

# Material and Shape

This is probably the first and foremost thing you need to look into, and it’s related to the quality of the product. No matter how good a tow bar functions, it’s not a good deal if it cannot last long enough. With this being the case, you need to ensure that it has a sturdy and durable solid steel or stainless steel construction.

This factor can decide the ultimate durability and performance of the tow bar. Apart from it, you will also need to consider the shape of the tow that may potentially distort it.

# Weight of the Tow Bar

The tow bars used with Jeep Wranglers are known for towing Jeeps in different situations, including emergencies or breakdowns. If you plan to carry your tow bar in your RV or motorhome, you need to choose something that is lightweight.

The overall weight of the tow bar should be within your personal lifting limit to ensure easy lifting and moving. You generally will need to look for tow bars that weigh between 5 to 45 lbs.

# Installation Process

The installation process depends on how quickly you are able to attach and detach the tow bar.

Knowing this information helps in determining the ease of usage that you will get from it. You will also need to look at how easily they can be moved, how reliable the locks are, and the number of brackets involved. A good tow bar should have a lot of locks and several releasing methods.

# Safety Backup

When purchasing a tow bar, you need to keep in mind that no matter how well you have researched before choosing the tool, it is still just a tool. There is a chance that it might fail when you need it the most, so there should always be some safety backup in the form of safety cables and wires.

The good-quality tow bars will also come with safety cables and wires in the package. These items come in handy in situations when the tow bar gets disengaged. These extras will serve as the driving force to keep the cars attached securely.

The cables should be strong and thick enough to withstand any form of stress that will be passing through them along the ride. There should also be sturdy clamps and hooks positioned on both sides.

# Weight Capacity

This is yet another important factor that must be considered before choosing the best tow bar for your Jeep Wrangler. As these tools are used to pull cars, Jeeps, SUVs, and sometimes even trucks, you need to look into the weight capacity of each product to sure it can meet your needs.

You must make sure that the tow bar you buy is capable of handling more weight than the actual weight of your vehicle. While motorcycles can easily be pulled along by a bar with 3 tons of capacity, you need a capacity of about 3-4 tons for huge cars, SUVs, and Jeeps. For trucks, the range will be about 6 to 7 tons.

# Towing Brackets

These are yet another indispensable component of the towing kits. Even though they are small in size, they are responsible for carrying most of the burden when a vehicle is towed. These brackets are used for attaching hooks, and some are positioned in the front while some are located at the back.

You must be sure that you choose the type of towing brackets that are capable of absorbing the weight properly and do not come off. You must look for brackets that are made of steel and aluminum for durability. Also, some additional attachments like those for shock absorption help in reducing the pressure on the hooks and brackets.

# Weather Resistance

This is another very important thing to consider since you will likely be towing in different areas and under different weather conditions. There are some tow bars that come with all-terrain sustainability, but not all models are made this way.

Don’t forget that, just like with tires, diverse weather conditions also play a huge role in determining the performance of each tow bar. There are some tow bars that do not function so well when the weather is cold. They tend to get jammed and difficult to move.

We suggest that you look for a tow bar that comes with all-terrain capabilities, plus is also resistant to humidity, mud, water, and low temperatures. This will ensure that you are able to tow with ease without getting stuck in any of the extreme weather conditions aforementioned.

Steps for Towing a Jeep Using a Tow Bar

We hope that by now you have almost zeroed in on the tow bar that you wish to purchase. However, you may be wondering how exactly to install it correctly. If you lack any mechanical knowledge, we strongly suggest you get it done by a professional. However, if you are familiar with and have the mechanical know-how, here are the steps that can help you get your tow bar properly installed:

  • Start by finding a level surface. Your RV and Jeep Wrangler should be on the same level to make hooking up the tow bar as easy as possible.
  • Next, take the correct measurements for the base plate and hitch to ensure there is no more than a 3-inch difference. To achieve this, you may need to buy a hitch adapter.

  • Now, secure the tow bar shank to the receiver of RV hitch by simply inserting a clip and pin. Please make sure that you push the tow bar arms aside.
  • Park the Jeep as close to the tow bar as you can to ensure that the Jeep and RV are in perfect alignment with each other. You can now engage the emergency brake on your Jeep.

  • Move the tow arms towards the attachment area of the Jeep and secure them properly with the help of linchpins. Set the vehicle transmission for towing and now unlock the steering wheel. You will most likely need to tow the Jeep in neutral.

  • Slowly drive the RV forward and stop only when the latches on the tow bar engage. You will need to check that the latches are locked properly.
  • Once you’re beneath the tow bar, you will need to crisscross the safety cables and secure the safety loops to the base plate of your Jeep.

  • Finally, connect the RV’s towing lights to the Jeep.

Related Questions

Does the tow bar need regular maintenance?

Yes. Tow bars are usually sturdy and durable, but they do not last forever. With regular maintenance, you may be able to add even more years to your product. To keep it in good condition, we suggest that you clean the tow ball with thinners, white spirit, or brake cleaners. This will help to remove the grease and other types of residue that may wear the bar down over time.

Is it okay to buy a second-hand tow bar?

If you are wondering about whether tow bars are transferable, the answer is no. We suggest that you do not use a tow bar that has already been used for another car or vehicle. While some people may think that it’s fine to use a second-hand one, we do not recommend this to ensure your safety.

Why are Jeeps so bad at towing

Jeeps are known for lacking acceleration and typically do not have a high towing capacity. However, some of the newer models of Jeep Wranglers can tow vehicles ranging from 2,000 lbs. to 3,500 lbs.—sometimes even more.

How long does a tow bar last?

The life expectancy of a tow bar depends on a lot of factors. These include the weights it carries, road conditions, and how far you take your tow bar out of alignment. However, on average, the duration of a tow bar is around 70,000 miles.

How do I increase the towing capacity of my Jeep Wrangler?

To increase the towing capacity of your Jeep Wrangler, you first need to start with upgrading the vehicle. To begin with, invest in the right type of hitch for your vehicle. Next, increase the weight of the Jeep by loading the rear end over the axle with sandbags or gym weights. Also, install wider wheels to enhance the wheelbase, and you can upgrade the braking system too.

Why does tow bar installation take so long?

The time required for installation depends on the type of vehicle being towed. There are some vehicles that do not need to have the bumper cut, while others may need you to do it. The fitting process usually takes an hour or two on average. It might take you less than that, but this will entirely depend on you.

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