Does Jeep Grand Cherokee Have 7 Seats

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Jeep Grand Cherokee has always been a 2 row SUV but anymore, as the whole automotive market is moving towards the bigger the better mentality, we are seeing more and more 3 row SUVs on the roads.

Does Jeep Grand Cherokee Offer 3 rows? Does It Offer 7 Seats? To answer these questions, we will look into all the trim levels of Grand Cherokee offered by the Jeep.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trim LevelSeating Capacity
Grand Cherokee Laredo E5
Grand Cherokee Limited5
Grand Cherokee Limited X5
Grand Cherokee Overland5
Grand Cherokee High Altitude5
Grand Cherokee Summit5
Grand Cherokee Trailhawk5
Grand Cherokee Freedom5
Grand Cherokee 8th Anniversary5
Grand Cherokee Laredo X5

As you can see, the Grand Cherokee is not a 7 seater SUV but if you are looking for a 7 seater Jeep Grand Cherokee then to your delight, Jeep has introduced the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee L in 2021 which is a 3 row SUV.

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Trim LevelStandard Seating Capacity$695 Option
Grand Cherokee Laredo67
Grand Cherokee Altitude67
Grand Cherokee Limited67
Grand Cherokee Overland67
Grand Cherokee Summit67
Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve67

Grand Cherokee does NOT have 7 seats as it’s just a 2 row SUV. Although the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee “L” does have a 7 seat option available. This new offering is basically the 3-row version Grand Cherokee.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L has a total of 6 trim levels and with standard options, you get one extra seating making a total of 6 seats, because all of the trim levels of the Jeep Grand Cherokee L come equipped with captain’s chairs in the 2nd row instead of the bench chairs. 

But if you want a total of 7 seats then you would have to spend an extra $695 on top of the price of whichever trim level you would go for.

With the $695 option, you will get that 7th seat in the form of a center 60/40 split-bench with a manual tip that can give easy access to the 3rd-row seats in the back.

On the contrary, other manufacturers keep the captain’s chair as an extra premium option, and you get a bench seat 2nd row as standard instead. And you are getting that premium option here, as standard across all the trim levels.

Are Captain’s Chairs Better?

If you arent concerned with the seating capacity and you are okay with losing 1 extra seat then it’s 100% worth it to have the Captain’s Chairs, without a second opinion.

More Space

Think about all of the room that you get to move freely when having the Captain’s Chairs, which you won’t have if you go for the bench. On top of that, baby seats are also easier to manage when you have the Captain seats.

On the higher trim levels, it gets even better with all those extra features that complement the Captain’s Chairs.

Comfort & Luxury

We can agree on the fact that center seats are always the most uncomfortable seats of all, and sometimes the 3rd-row seats are also uncomfortable. But the captain’s seats are not uncomfortable and they also have that luxury aspect.

Are Bench Seats Better?

It depends on certain factors and after going through all of these factors, you can decide which one better meets your requirements

More Comfort But Less Luxury

Bench seats have their own pros and one of the biggest is the wide center armrest that resides within the center seat, which in turn would give you more comfort compared to the Captain’s on the lower trim levels.

More Seating Capacity

This is one of the most important factors that make the bench a noteworthy rival. And when you are taking care of a big family then this option becomes the most relevant.

Furthermore, If you have a dog, then this extra seat will come in handy. 

Can You Change To Bench Seat After Having Captains?

If you are thinking that you might be able to change your captain’s chairs with a bench seat later on then to your disappointment, you can’t. There is no way you can have a third seat installed in the middle of the captain’s chairs just like that.

Although it might be possible by drilling some holes and doing some modifications but that will surely ruin how your Grand Cherokee L looks. So make sure that you make your decision wisely beforehand.

We have laid all the pros and cons of having the Captain’s Chairs vs the Bench Seat. you would now have to make the final call.

Which One Is More Practical?

The answer to this question can be either of these. For some, captain’s would be more practical and for others, the bench would be the best choice. You can figure that out after taking into account your family members, hobbies, pet (if any), adventures, circle of friends, etc.

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