Why are Jeep Rubicons so Expensive

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The cost of a Rubicon starts from around $38300 for a two-door model to $41800 for a four-door model. However, as of 2020, the cost of a 2020 Gladiator Rubicon is expected to be around $45040, quite expensive as compared to other models of a jeep.

So, why are Jeep Rubicons so expensive? The Rubicon is more expensive because it has additional upgraded features that make it the best Jeep for going off-roading. These features include upgraded transfer cases, Dana’44 axles, disconnectable sway bars, wheel, locking differentials among others. Rubicons are specifically designed to explore the Jeep potential in terms of off-road capabilities. These exceptional features make it the most expensive. Keep reading to learn more about what you get by purchasing a Rubicon.

This article will look into the features and capabilities of a Rubicon that make it so expensive. We will also highlight if you can upgrade your regular Jeep into a Rubicon and how to do it.

Features and Capabilities of a Jeep Rubicon

As stated above, a Rubicon is the most suitable off-roader among the different models of a jeep. This is because it is fitted with more features and advanced capabilities for going off the road. It is for this reason that Rubicons are expensive.

So what features are we referring to? What do you get by investing your loads of money in buying a Rubicon?

  • Front and back hardcore axles; the front axle includes a Dana 44 axle.
  • A separate performance suspension that increases comfort and stability on rough terrain
  • A detaching front
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Front and Back tow snares
  • Side Stone insurances
  • Mist lights
  • Offloading wheels of all-terrain
  • Unique Upholstery
  • A voyage control
  • Seats wrapped in backcloth for more comfort

Other than the regular features found on Jeeps, Rubicons are fitted with extra features including

  • High-Quality shafts and non-slip plates that ensure the mechanical parts of the Rubicon are indispensable
  • The Rubicon is the only Jeep with an electronic front sway bar disconnect. This feature helps to enhance comfort on the trails, It also increases the vehicle’s capabilities to move on any trail.
  • It has a rock rail that offers protection to the driver in case of an accident. This is another feature that is found only on Rubicons
  • Rubicon has a Rock trail system 4 by 4 driving mode. This capability enables the vehicle to crawl on ricks and other steep inclines without slipping.
  • The Jeep model has the 115-volt auxiliary outlet that is used for powering devices while camping.

While else Jeeps are made for off roads with integrated sporty and adventure use, the Rubicon is the jeep that is most efficient for use on off roads. The vehicle is ready to hit mountains and cliffs as seen with both its regular and extra features.

As such, if you are not going to use your Rubicon exclusively for off-road, purchasing it is a waste of money. The off-road capabilities make it more expensive as compared to other jeeps.

Therefore, if you need a vehicle for only occasional off-roading, we recommend you settle for another model of Jeep Wrangler. However, if your primary purpose is rough terrain, a Rubicon is a good investment. Note that the Rubicon is manufactured in limited amounts.

Can I upgrade my Regular Jeep to a Rubicon?

If you are reading this, it is possible that you already own a wrangler Sport. If that is the case and you are wondering if you can upgrade it to a Rubicon or you should consider purchasing a Rubicon instead, I have good news for you.

Other models of a Jeep such as Wrangler Sport or Sahara are built with capabilities almost like those of a Rubicon. As such, you can add other features and upgrade your Sports to the level and capability of Rubicon.

This is made easier since everything under the hood across Jeeps is the same. Therefore, you can replace some of the parts of a regular Jeep with that of a Rubicon. Even better is that while upgrading, you can make its capabilities better than those of Rubicon.

How to Upgrade a Sport into a Rubicon

So how do you upgrade your wrangler sport to a Rubicon? The following are some of the features you should consider installing and upgrading during this process.

1. Sports Suspension Upgrade

One of the biggest upgrades you can perform on your sports is on the suspensions. This upgrade gives your Sports a more robust set up with off-roading capabilities like that of Rubicon. While conducting a suspension upgrade, consider the following specific features

  • Sway Bar– Rubicon is the only Jeeps with a disconnectable bar. To have sway bars installed in your Sports you can purchase either a disconnecting or static off-road sway bar. Both sway bars help your vehicle to have a better grip while avoiding obstacles in steep terrain.
  • Lift Kit- A Rubicon has more ground clearance as compared to a Sports by about 1.1 inches. To be able to achieve this ground clearance, use a lift kit. It not only increases your sports clearance but also helps it reach the height of Rubicon and create more room to install larger tires.
  • Shocks and Springs– add FOX2.0 performance shocks and new springs to your Sports. This helps it match the performance suspension of a Rubicon.

2. Axles and Drivetrain Upgrades

For upgrading the axles and drivetrain, focus on the following

  • Axles– Sports have an axle of Dana 30 on the front and Dana 35 on the rear. To upgrade it to the capability of a Rubicon, we recommend putting Dana 44 Tru-Lock axles on the front and rear.

3. Rubicon Armor

Skid Plate– Sports skid plate are plastic, upgrade them to steel front skid plate-like those of a Rubicon

Rock and door sills– if you are going to use your upgraded Sports for mountain climbing and extreme rough road, then you need to armor its body with Rubicon rock rails and door sills for extra protection.

4. Wheels and Tires Upgrade

Since most Sports have the 17-inch wheels, to upgrade it to a Rubicon, we recommend you replace the wheel with bug 33-inch tires. Bug wheels are an advantage for off-roading.

Other features that you should consider upgrading are the Rubicon bumpers. Installing these bumpers gives your Sports a final tough look. You should also consider polishing up the interior of your sports to fit the description of a Rubicon.

Related Questions

Is it better to build a Rubicon or buy one?

Well, this question is relative to what you aim to achieve. For instance, if you already own a Sports, upgrading it to a Rubicon may seem easier than having to purchase the Rubicon itself.

Another advantage is that you can upgrade your sports to be better than a Rubicon. You also have the luxury of choosing the mods you want. It is also a fantastic experience to build your sports into a Rubicon. That said, there are disadvantages to upgrading your sports.

For starters, in most cases, if you are looking to cut on cost, upgrading your Sports is more expensive than buying a Rubicon. Other than that, when upgrading your Sports, you might not get all the best features. Therefore, if you are looking for Rubicon capabilities the best way is to buy one. Moreover, the resale value for upgraded Sports is less than that of a bought Rubicon.

To wrap it up, the question on which is the best way to have a Rubicon is a matter of weighing the pros and cons of the method you choose

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