4 Best Dog Seat Covers For Jeep Grand Cherokee for 2023

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This is a compilation of some of the best dog seat covers specifically for SUVs such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Traveling with a dog or any other pet in a car can be a stressful experience since the pet may throw tantrums and adopt other undesirable behaviors out of the discomfort of being in an environment they’re not used to.

Dog seat covers can be a great investment in this case, as they not only keep your car clean from pet hair, paw prints, etc. but also provide an ergonomic, comfortable space for your dog to travel with you in your car.

Quick Summary

1. iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers do not only have functional features such as a hammock-styled form with a mesh window, but are also made of eco-friendly materials eliminating the possibility of chemical odors.

2. This waterproof dog seat cover by Petalage is also a good investment. It is made of extremely durable and waterproof cotton ensuring cleanliness, is easy to install and can be used by pets and children alike.

3. This dog cargo liner by the brand WE LOVE ANIMALS has a universal fit and is made of extremely ergonomic and comfortable quilted fabric, made all the more functional by the anti-slip rubber that keeps the liner in place no matter how naughty your pet may be.

4. URPOWER’s dog seat cover is a multifunctional product as it can be easily switched between dog car hammock, bench seat cover and trunk cargo liner. It’s also very scratch-proof and has side flaps to protect the doors of the car from damage, apart from the backseat.

Who Should Buy Dog Seat Covers?

Dog seat covers are a worthwhile investment for just about any person who has a dog and wants a product to keep their car seats clean while traveling with their pet.

Whether trained or not, it is inevitable that your dog will make your car seats unclean at some level through dog hair or paw marks. When anxious or scared, dogs may also tend to pee, which is the last thing you’d want for your car seats while traveling with your dog.

Without a dog seat cover, you may have to spend quite a lot of time maintaining and cleaning your car seats. In some cases, they may also get permanently damaged, causing you to invest in new upholstery which is quite an expensive process.

Dog seat covers are not worth purchasing just for the cleanliness aspect, but also because they make traveling in a Grand Cherokee or any other car more comfortable and enjoyable for the dog.

Your dog can easily rest their paws and lie down in a hammock-style cover when it’s tired, and you also wouldn’t have to worry about your dog being slipped off the seat and being hurt.

Best Dog Seat Covers: What Factors To Keep in Mind?

Material Quality

While shopping around for dog seat covers, one thing you should never compromise on is the quality and durability of the material. The more durable, waterproof and damage-resistant the fabric is, the better protection the cover will provide to the car seats.

The tactility of the material also matters. Quilted dog covers are a good option since they’re soft and comfortable for the dog to lie down on.


Especially while looking for a dog seat cover online, it’s a good practice to settle for one which has a universal size, ensuring it will perfectly fit to your car no matter what the model is.

Ease of Installation

You shouldn’t have to spend 10 minutes trying to install your dog seat cover every time you need to, so it’s good to invest in a dog seat cover that’s easy and quick to install in the first place.

Good dog seat covers usually have seat and headrest anchors for the installation, while velcro mechanisms and snap buckles are used for detaching them.

Easy to Clean

You shouldn’t settle for a dog seat cover just because it has a durable material, but should also make sure it’s easy to clean. Most good-quality seat covers can easily be cleaned through a damp cloth and may also be suitable for washing machines.

Best Dog Seat Covers: Our Top 4 Picks

1. iBuddy

iBuddy’s dog car seat covers are a wonderful investment, and for mainly the following reasons:

1. The dog seat cover is pretty much odor-resistant as it uses environmentally friendly materials, so you can use it for years without having to worry about chemical odors.

2. The seat cover has a mesh window, ensuring your dog can enjoy the AC during summers and can also see you. The mesh is quite thick and scratch-resistant so your dog will not be able to damage it.

3.  It’s a hammock style seat cover, ensuring your dog will remain safe and won’t fall off especially during emergency breaks and turns. The side flaps ensure your dog won’t be able to reach the floor by any means.

4. There are extra pockets where you can store treats for your dog or any other small item you like.

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2. Petalage

Petalage has the following features we’d love to talk about here;

1. The use of premium 600D Oxford waterproof cotton ensures cleanliness to the best degree.

2. It’s very easy to clean the cover using just a damp cloth or through a vacuum cleaner.

3. The seat anchors keep the cover in place and there’s also a non-slip bottom to keep your dog from tripping over.

4. Can be used by pets and children alike.

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Here’s why we recommend the dog cover by the brand WE LOVE ANIMALS,

1. The use of tough triple-layer 600D Oxford fabric keeps the cover safe from all kinds of dust, dirt and damage and has a very long life.

2. The material is also premium quilted, ensuring that your dog is able to have a very comfortable experience.

3. There are many complimentary things along with the seat cover, such as bumper flaps, making the cover resistant to claw marks as the dog jumps in and out, plenty of storage space for treats and leashes, an ebook “Loving Dogs Gets Easier” and a carry bag for storing the cover.

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URPOWER is our most-favorite in the list, and here’s why:

1. It’s a very multifunctional product you can adjust according to the situation. It can be changed from a hammock to a bench seat cover or truck cargo liner very easily, and can even be used as a picnic blanket.

2. The cover is made of 4-layer fabrics guaranteeing your seats absolute protection and cleanliness. The materials are impermeable and keep the seat free from scratches, mud, hair and slobber.

3. It has ergonomic zip-up or zip-down mechanisms for converting it from one style to another.

4. Very easy to install.

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Useful Tip

Always keep your pet’s personality in view while shopping around for a dog seat cover. Depending on whether your dog has a naughty or a calm and composed demeanor, you may have to invest in a seat cover that will clearly adjust to the personality of your dog.

For example, for a dog that gets anxious easily, you might want to buy a hammock style seat cover eliminating the possibility of the dog falling on the floor in case it gets perturbed.

Final Words

Dog covers are totally worth purchasing. They’re multifunctional, ergonomic and one of the best gifts you can give to your dog to make travelling with you fun for them.

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