5 Best Infant Car Seats for Jeep Grand Cherokees and Cherokees for 2023

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With an infant in the house, we all want to be a little bit more careful with everything, don’t we? Especially when it comes to transporting your little one around, you certainly don’t want any discomfort for the little soul. This is when you need to know about the best infant car seats available for your Jeep Cherokee or Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Infant car seats are specially designed for babies of different ages according to the basic principles of car safety. There are many things that go into choosing an infant car seat for your baby; and, in this article, we have addressed every single one of those issues while creating our list.

If you are in the market looking for the best infant car seats to fit in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, our team has done the homework for you. We have reviewed more than a dozen car seats to find the ones that fit the vehicle interior measurements and user requirements for maximized safety and comfort.

Read on to find the complete list of reviews for each product handpicked by us. If you are too busy to read all the way to the end, we simply suggest that you go with our editor’s pick: the Graco SlimFit 3-in-1 Car Seat that grows with your child. It is engineered to keep your child safe, and an adjustable 10-positions headrest provides optimum comfort as your child grows over the years.

Product NamesInstallation Type
#1. Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car SeatLatchSee Price
#2. Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat | Infant to Toddler Car SeatSeat Belt, LatchSee Price
#3. Graco SlimFit 3 In 1 Car SeatLatchSee Price
#4. Maxi-Cosi Mico Xp Max Infant Car SeatLatchSee Price
#5. Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car SeatSeat Belt, LatchSee Price

#1. Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat

The first product on our list is this Graco Size4Me Convertible Car Seat (see Amazon) that is designed to protect your rear-facing baby from ranging from the weight of just 4 lbs. up to 40 lbs., and forward-facing tot from 22 lbs. up to 65 lbs. This car seat comes with a simple and safe adjustable harness system with 8 possible positions for the headrest to ensure that your child is always well protected and comfortable.

Each Size4Me convertible car seat is side-impact tested to meet or exceed all applicable U.S. safety standards. It has a built-in, 5-point harness system solely for occupant retention. The cover comes off easily as well and can be machine washed without having to uninstall the car seat.

The seat also comes equipped with the InRight Latch system and a second LATCH attachment as well, removable head/body support, and three recline and two buckle positions. This seat is well-designed to keep your child comfortable and safe wherever you go.

Product features and specifications

  • *Measurements: ‎18.5in. x 22in. x 23.4in.
  • *Weight: 19.3 lbs.
  • *‎Forward-facing and rear-facing functionality
  • *Safe for children weighing from 4-65 lbs.
  • *Fits children up to 49 inches in height
  • *Side-impact tested
  • *InRight LATCH system

User/Customer Reviews

Those who have bought this infant car seat have been impressed with its functionality, features, and use, showing it to be superior to other products in its category. People have also said that the size is good enough for a larger vehicle. A few customers have warned that the buckle is not designed properly and will sometimes pinches the child’s legs.


The Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat is a well-designed and affordable product that works well in a compact car without sacrificing any legroom. It is also easy to maintain as you can remove the fabric covering and simply machine wash whenever your child has any accidents. Overall, we feel that this infant car seat does not have many fancy bells and whistles, but it offers a good value for the money.

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#2. Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat | Infant to Toddler Car Seat

The next product on our list is this 4-in-1 car seat from Graco—it can easily give you 10 years of use. You can seamlessly transform it from a rear-facing harness car seat for infants ranging from 4 to 44 lbs. to a forward-facing one capable of sustaining the weight of a toddler ranging 22 to 65 lbs. It can even be used as a booster seat for older children weighing between 40 and 120 lbs.

Tested and approved with the Graco ProtectPlus criteria being met, this car seat is engineered in a way to protect your infant during any frontal, side, rear, or rollover crashes. However, you must be careful to ensure that you do not use bleach on any of the materials. The cover can be removed and easily cleaned in the washing machine, if needed.

The Safe Adjust Harness System adjusts can be easily adjusted as your child grows, and the headrest can be moved into 10 different positions to secure your child and ensure maximized safety for delicate head and necks. Your growing child can stay comfortable on all of your journeys with the benefits of this product, and the Graco-exclusive InRight LATCH attachment gives you an easy and secure installation every time.

Product features and specifications

  • *Made from alloy steel
  • *Machine washable
  • *Graco-exclusive InRight LATCH attachment
  • *6-position recline
  • *Safe Adjust Harness System
  • *Integrated belt lock-off for simpler installation

User/Customer Reviews

Most people love the fact that this car seat grows with their child and can be used for nearly 10 years, so this certainly gives them a good return for their money. Some users have said that it’s easy to install and also easy to clean when it gets dirty. A few customers have warned that the seat provides limited neck support when the baby sleeps, though, which can be uncomfortable for the child.


The Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 Car Seat is a beautifully built, sturdy, and long-lasting product for a child’s various stages of growth. The adjustments are easy to make, and maintaining it is also easy, but you may still need to check your child’s comfort during long journeys because of the limited neck support. Overall, we feel that this seat is a good product for small rides within the city.

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#3. Graco SlimFit 3 In 1 Car Seat -Slim & Comfy Design Saves Space in Your Back Seat

This 3-in-1 car seat by Graco (see Amazon) grows with your child from the rear-facing harness setup for younger ages to the forward-facing position for toddlers, then converts to a high-backed booster as your child gets older. This allows you to easily use it from the start with your infant—weighing at least 5 lbs.—up until they reach a weight of 100 lbs. later on.

This car seat has a slim design and comes with integrated cup holders that rotate and make the seat slimmer by 10% to save some backseat space. It is Graco ProtectPlus engineered and has passed through the most rigorous crash tests to protect your child from frontal, side, rear, and rollover crashes.

There is also a Safe Adjust Harness System that lets you adjust the headrest and harness in one simple motion. You can select the perfect headrest height from 10 different positions to get the best fit for your child as they grow. The push-button InRight LATCH system also gives you an easy installation with extra security and support for the seat.

Product features and specifications

  • Measurements: ‎21.5in. x 19.9in. x 25.5in.
  • Weight: ‎19.47 lbs.
  • Made with ‎foam and alloy steel
  • ‎Rear-facing and forward-facing positions
  • Certified frustration-free
  • Steel-reinforced frame
  • 4 recline positions
  • Space-saving design
  • 10-position headrest

User/Customer Reviews

Those who have used this product have said this is a good option for small to medium vehicles. People have also stated that it has a good amount of cushioning in the head and butt areas and also has added lumbar support for a cushy feeling. Customers have additionally noted that the frame is reinforced with steel for more durability. A few users have warned that the beams are not quite as thick or as wide as expected.


The Graco SlimFit 3-in-1 Car Seat (see Amazon) is a slim and comfortably designed product to keep your infant safe and secure in the back seat. It not only gives your child plenty of room to grow, but it also saves space in the back seat. Overall, we feel that this car seat with four potential recline positions is worth every penny.

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#4. Maxi-Cosi Mico Xp Max Infant Car Seat

The Maxi-Cosi Mico Xp Max Infant Car Seat (see more) is designed for the optimum comfort and safety of your child. It lets you carry your baby with you in style as well no matter you go with your little one. The patented Air Protect technology offers superior side impact protection around the head area and also extends down the sides.

This car seat additionally comes with an improved safety feature: an anti-rotation stability leg. This feature helps restrict the back-and-forth movement of the seat to provide your child with maximum head and neck protection. It also has a MaxiLock base with a secure locking system including self-retracting, one-click LATCH connectors for quick and secure installation.

The Maxi-Cosi seat includes an adjustable base with tightness and leveling indicators to help you ensure an accurate installation. The fabric used on the seat’s covering has a fire-retardant treatment used in manufacturing to ensure even further levels of safety, but they’ve also made the covering guaranteed to still be easy to machine wash and dry. Users can choose from a wide range of colorful and attractive options to fit their lifestyles as well.

Product features and specifications

  • *Measurements: 31.5in. x 18in. x 15.5in.
  • *Weight: ‎22.2 lbs.
  • ‎*Made with wool and plush materials
  • *Infant inserts included to ensure the proper fit
  • *Extended canopy with a flip-out visor

User/Customer Reviews

People love the design, make, and variety of color options that allow you to choose what perfectly blends in with the interior of your specific vehicle. Users have also noted that installation is incredibly easy since the seat simply clicks into place. Some people have even said that they have put the car seat through some durability testing of their own, and the seat came out perfectly fine. A few customers have warned that the canopy makes a loud sound that it can wake a sleeping baby, however.


The Maxi-Cosi Mico Xp Max Infant Car Seat is a well-designed infant carrier that fits into nearly any car very nicely, and the customization options allow you to pick a seat that perfectly matches with the interior of your vehicle. The installation is easy, and the locking mechanism is secure; plus, all measures are taken during production to ensure the safety of your child. At this price, this is one of the best car seats in which you can invest.

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#5. Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat

Last but not least is the Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat that comes with a 9-position ReclineSure leveling system, a SuperCinch LATCH Tightener, and a LockSure seat belt-tightening system. The installation is pretty simple, and it can be done by even just by one individual.

This seat comes with superior DuoGuard protection that includes a deep, rigid shell for protection and EPS energy-absorbing foam for comfort. The steel-reinforced frame adds more durability and strength to the infant car seat as well. It also includes an easy-to-remove, dishwasher-safe cup holder.

This car seat can accommodate growing children with an easy transition from the rear-facing setup to the forward-facing positions. It has a no-rethread harness and an easily adjustable headrest. The padding is removable, soft, and machine-washable for your comfort and convenience while traveling with kids.

Product features and specifications

  • *Measurements: ‎21in. x 19in. x 29.2in.
  • *Weight: 25.1 lbs.
  • *EPS energy-absorbing foam
  • *9-position ReclineSure leveling system
  • *SuperCinch LATCH Tightener
  • *LockSure seatbelt-tightening system
  • *Dishwasher-safe, removable cup holder

User/Customer Reviews

Those who have used various car seats have said that this one is their favorite in terms of comfort, convenience, and durability. People have also said that these appear to have been built to sustain even the most severe car crashes or accidents. A few customers have warned that the straps need some improvement despite all of the other features that have been improved remarkably.


The Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat is a super comfortable and easy-to-install car seat that comes with numerous features to keep your infant safe. It is heavy-duty, safe, and perfect for carrying your child along on every trip. Overall, we feel that this car seat offers a great price to performance ratio.

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Related Questions

How long can a baby fit into a car seat?

Some models are designed to fit infants just a few months old and then be converted into a toddler-appropriate seat to fit children up to about 2 years old.

However, there are also seats that convert into boosters as well, especially for children who may be slightly older but not meet the size requirements to legally be exempt from using some type of car seat, so you may want to look into these options before buying. The size and weight of the children, along with following local laws, are the determining factors for how long a car seat (or booster) will need to be used.

How can you get stains out of a car seat?

Most of the car seats reviewed above come with a removable cover, so you can clean these by simply tossing them in the washing machine. However, if there’s a stubborn stain, you can use a mix of a half cup of baking soda and a cup of warm water, make a paste, and rub it over the stains. Let the mixture sit for about 30 minutes and then rinse.

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