Can You Sleep In A Jeep Cherokee? Is It Comfortable?

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There are various reasons why SUVs are an easy seller today. With features like off-roading capabilities and comfort elements, today’s SUVs are far superior to those of the old. But is an SUV an all-around great commuter?

The answer to this question isn’t straightforward and necessitates some digging and drilling to find out whether an SUV can be a good choice for a weekend that involves staying away from home.

Yes, you can sleep in a Jeep Cherokee. With its 60-40 split to the mix, and the max cargo volume at 84.6 cu ft – You can get an almost full-sized bed type situation where you can lay down comfortably.

With the rear seats lowered, the Jeep Cherokee offers a very decent 54.7 cubic feet of space. “Plenty” is the word that describes this situation where the driver and his partner can find peace while sleeping and recharging for the next day of the vacation.

There is a pretty substantial list of variants that are offered on sale for Jeep’s Cherokee line of SUVs. Since the cabin space is standard all across, there is no doubt any one of these could perform incredibly well for overnight camping vacations.

The Jeep Cherokee is offered in the below trim levels with prices starting from $28,135.00 and upper tier trim levels can push the price easily beyond forty grand.

  • Latitude
  • Freedom
  • Latitude Plus
  • Altitude
  • Latitude Lux
  • 80th Anniversary
  • Limited
  • TrailHawk
  • High Altitude

From the above trim levels, while having comfort as standard all across the board, it gets down to choosing between better or not-so-good off-roading capabilities that will increase your bill.

We have some enthusiasts who have modified their Jeep Cherokee into a camper set-up and they even talk about it on YouTube sharing their experiences. It’s amazing to see how people set up beds in the back of the Jeep Cherokee and make it a comfortable little bed.

Jeep Cherokee’s competition

Let us also take a look at the Jeep Cherokee’s competition and see how it stacks up against some of the worthiest of names in the SUV industry.

Name of the vehicleCargo VolumeCargo Volume w/ Seat AreaMax Cargo Volume
Jeep Cherokee25.8 – 54.7 cu ft17.2 – 25.8 cu ft54.7 – 84.6 cu ft
Chevrolet Equinox29.9 – 63.9 cu ft29.9 cu ft63.9 cu ft
VW Tiguan12 – 37.6 cu ft12 – 47.8 cu ft65.7 – 73.5 cu ft
Mazda CX-53.9 cu ft3.9 cu ft59.6 cu ft
Hyundai Santa Fe35.9 cu ft35.9 cu ft71.3 cu ft
Ford Escape37.5 – 65.4 cu ft33.5 – 37.5 cu ft65.4 cu ft
Nissan Rogue72.9 – 74.1 cu ft36.3 – 36.5 cu ft72.9 – 74.1 cu ft
GMC Terrain29.6 – 63.3 cu ft29.6 cu ft63.3 cu ft
Mitsubishi Outlander1.3 – 12 cu ft3.4 – 50.4 cu ft2.1 – 63.3 cu ft
Kia Sorento11.3 – 38.4 cu ft11.3 – 52.8 cu ft73 – 75.5 cu ft

All of the above are 2021 models and one can clearly see that the Max Cargo Volume offered in the Jeep Cherokee is an astounding 84.6 cubic feet. This means one can sleep pretty well in the Jeep Cherokee.

The cargo volume is far superior to any other rival out there which makes Jeep Cherokee the best choice for holidays out in the open. With the latest model Grand Cherokee “L” the space becomes even more and the ride becomes even smoother. 

Even though you have plenty of room to sleep in a Jeep Cherokee, you can further enhance the comfort level by putting in aftermarket cushions and mats. 

Is Jeep Cherokee Comfortable?

As standard, the Jeep Cherokee comes with fabric seats, while they can be upgraded to Napa Leather seats if you wish so. There are features like smartphone connectivity, a capless fuel tank, a higher stature for improved visibility, and so on.

In a nutshell comfort features are not something one can see being compromised in the Jeep Cherokee. And this is regardless of what trim level you are after, the comfort stays standard all across the Jeep Cherokee line-up.

Does Jeep Cherokee Offer A Comfort Package?

There are two packages that can be chosen from. Elite Package that offers heated rear seats as well as adjustable rear seats. Additionally, the cargo area can also be carpeted with the Elite Package if one wishes so.

Then there is the Interior Package by Mopar® with which one can also get cargo area liners and slush mats by Mopar®. 

How does the Jeep Cherokee drive?

The vehicle has a better ride than a sedan and has better road visibility in comparison to a sedan. With features like stability control and traction control, a Parkview rear backup camera, and rear park assist, there is no doubt a Jeep Cherokee delivers well on ride quality.

To further enhance the experience, the vehicle has a plush ride and has a very nicely done firm suspension that allows for a floating-like feeling while cruising around on the highways and urban driving alike.

Furthermore, with more than 40 inches of legroom up front, it sure is not going to discriminate between the driver and the front passenger when it comes to a comfortable long journey.

All right, so that’s it for today, keep visiting us for more info on vehicles you like, love, and drive. Happy reading.

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