5 Best Phone Mounts for Jeep Wranglers for 2023

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IF you spend a lot of time on the road, it’s a good idea to have a mount for your phone. Particularly if your car does not have it’s own built-in navigation system. Having a phone mount ensures that you have a safe and effective way to navigate and make calls while on the road.

The thing is, there are so many phone mounts on the market today. How can we know which one to pick? You can easily end up with one that doesn’t fit your car or one that doesn’t quite hold up the way you want it to.

Jeep Wrangler phone mounts

The Jeep Wrangler is a great all-around vehicle for cruising the streets or even going off-road. Many Jeep owners take pride in being able to put additions and modifications onto their Jeeps. Phone mounts are no different.

There are a number of brands today who make phone mounts for Jeep wranglers. Some are more cost-effective than others, while others have more features and such. Another thing to pay attention to is the material each one is made from, as this has a huge effect on quality.

The main brands we’ll be looking at today are Bulletproof Mounting Solutions, Titan Performance Products, Hooke Road, and A Abigail. Bulletproof is a good standard for phone mounts and typically features heavy-duty materials and construction.

Hooke Road is a more versatile solution with adaptable mounts that can fit a variety of different phones and other objects. Their installation is probably the easiest out of the options on this list. Even still, they are very highly reviewed for reliability and versatility.

A Abigail is a good casual solution for people who just want a phone mount. Although the materials they use aren’t as hardy as those in the BMS options, they are still reliable enough for what they are. Some customers note that the installation is a bit more complex.

So, to figure out which is the best option for you, we’ll go over the features and customer reviews for each of the mounts listed in the table below. Then, we’ll go over each product in detail and see where each one shines.

ModelNo. of mountsFeaturesMaterial
1. BMS Dash Mount w/ 2 ball mounts2Two ball socket arm mounts Heavy Duty Construction 1-hand operation Lifetime warrantyCarbon fiber/kevlarShop Now
2. Titan Multi-Purpose Dash Mount for Wrangler2Two flexible gooseneck mounts Three buckle slots Clean designInjection molded polycarbonateShop Now
3. Hooke Road Multi-Function Drink/Phone Holder1Multi-function claw holder for phones/drink cups Mounts near A/C vent for drink/phone cooling.ABS/Aluminum alloyShop Now
4. BMS Phone Holder For Wrangler With Ball Mount1Heavy duty ball-mounted arm 1-hand operation 360-degree rotationCarbon fiber/KevlarShop Now
5. A Abigail Multi-Mount Dash Phone Holder With Storage Box1Flexible mount Easy installationABS plasticShop Now

Top 5 Phone Mount for Jeep Wrangler

So before we get started looking at each product, let’s go over what we’re looking for in a phone mount. Generally, the most important factors for a good phone mount are easy installation and high-quality material.

After that, it’s good to consider what exactly you will be using the phone mount for. If you want something that can handle a GPS and a phone at the same time, that’s an important question to answer. Some phone mounts also support things like drink cups.

After all things are considered, the last thing you want to look at are customer reviews. These allow you to see exactly what actual users are saying about the device. If there are any red flags in the user reviews, you can know to stay away.

So without further ado, let’s get started:

1. BMS Dash Mount w/ 2 ball mounts

This one is made by Bulletproof Mounting Solutions and is made from a very high-quality carbon fiber and Kevlar mix. It has two ball-mount spaces for phones and/or GoPro cameras. The mount has no buttons and the phone release/fitting can be operated with one hand.

The on-hand functionality is important, because the whole point of a phone mount is to make it safer and more accessible to access your phone or GPS while driving. It seems to be effective for this device, with no customers mentioning pinching or loss of grip.

The ball mounts allow you to position your phone or camera in 360-degrees, allowing for versatile placement. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty from BMS, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. If your mount stops working for any reason, the company will replace it.

Overall this is a very good option. The material used is very sturdy and the construction is quite solid. Customer reviews show that people are very satisfied with the longevity of the product. Definitely the go-to option if you are mounting a GoPro or other dash cam device.

The ball mounts essentially allow for your phone or other device to be mounted at any angle you want. This can be very convenient, especially if you have other accessories taking up room on your dashboard. Being able to position the camera any way you want is also a nice touch.

One last important thing to note is that this option fits Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU for 2011-2018.

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2. Titan Multi-Purpose Dash Mount for Wrangler

Another sturdy 2-mount option, this time from Titan Performance Products (see Amazon). This one has two phone mounts supported by flexible gooseneck tethers. The whole rig is made of ABS plastic and aluminum, and has a minimalist construction.

Three buckle slots are included for additional mounts or other devices. The device is also crafted for easy instalation; no screwing or drilling required. The gooseneck mounts are almost as versatile as the ball-mounts on the BMS option.

Customer reviews note that while the unit is easy to install, the holders have trouble holding some phones on bumpy roads. This is unfortunate, because the gooseneck mounts make it very convenient when you need to have more than one phone mounted.

The installation for this one is also very straightforward, and the product description mentions that there is little risk of scratching or deformation of your dashboard when installing.

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3. Hooke Road Multi-Function Drink/Phone Holder

This is an interesting option from Hooke Road (see more). We say interesting because this is actually a combination phone/drink/miscellaneous holder that can be installed as a dash mount. The device clips on near the A/C output, and features a round claw-like mount that can hold either a phone or a drink cup. There are probably a few other things it could hold, as well.

The fact that it is mounted by the A/C means that whatever device or beverage you use it to hold will be cooled by the A/C. This is an interesting feature, although it may not be convenient to block the A/C output.

While many of the customer reviews mention that this product holds up extremely well, a number of customers complained about the lack of installation instructions. Surprisingly, this one is reportedly very sturdy and effective. It fits a wide range of phones and seems to retain its rigidity very readily.

This is probably your best bet if you want a phone mount and a drink mount. Of course, you can’t unfortunately, mount both at the same time.

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4. BMS Phone Holder For Wrangler With Ball Mount

Another great option from Bulletproof Mounting Solutions. This one is also built with carbon fiber and Kevlar. It is every bit as sturdy and well-constructed as the dual-mount counterpart mentioned above.

Although this one only fit with a single mount, it also comes with one-touch functionality and 360-degree ball mount rotation. It also carries the same lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee as the one we reviewed earlier.

The customer reviews mention that this Bulletproof Mounting solution definitely lives up to its name. Very few customers have anything negative to say about this mount. Although the installation is a bit more complex than the Hooke Road option, customers say it is still very easy to install.

If you want the rugged construction and quality material of the BMS dual mount, but you only need one device, this is the one for you. The straightforward design makes this option very effective, and it looks right at home on the dash of any Jeep.

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5. A Abigail Multi-Mount Dash Phone Holder With Storage Box

A very minimalist and straightforward option from A Abigail (see Amazon). If you’re just looking for a simple phone mount, this is probably the best option for you. The construction is made from ABS plastic, but is still quite sturdy.

The mount is easily installed and allows you to easily see and manipulate your phone. A Abigail also offers customer service support to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Customer reviews note that this option has a few minor issues. Some customers mention that the clamps need to be secured with two fingers, and can sometimes pinch your fingers as you tighten them.

Although this one can look and sound less attractive than the other options on this list, it is still a very good option for city or country driving. If you’re going off-road, you will want to go with a more robust option, but this one is still good for what it is.

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Which phone mount is best for Jeep Wrangler?

Honestly, its a toss up between all of these options. Even the weakest one on this list, the A Abigail, is still a very effective option if you only need one phone mount. The best option on this list, however, depending on how heavy duty your mounting needs are, is probably the BMS double mount.

The robust construction, easy installation, and versatile support of different devices are all really good points. The myriad of good customer reviews is also a good sign. Very few customers have anything negative to say about BMS products.

On top of all that, it’s also quite nice looking. It has a sleek and supportive carbon fiber construction, and would easily look at home on the dash of any Jeep Wrangler.

Of course, the Hooke Road option is probably a close second, seeing as it also gives you the option to mount drink holders. It also is arguably easier to install, as it requires no drilling or screws.

For a good middle-ground option, the Titan model carries the robustness of the BMS dual option, and also includes space for two phones to be mounted. If you’re frequently travelling with a passenger, this is probably the option for you.

Related Questions

There are always more things to consider when it comes to buying accessories for your Jeep. Since there are so many different dash mounts on the market, it’s important to ask yourself a few different questions before you go putting down any cash for one.

What year and model of Jeep do these mounts fit?

Most of the options above are made to fit with 2011-2017 Jeep Wranglers JK and JL. Some models, like the BMS ones, are made to fit 2011-2018 JK and JKU.

What are the common issues, if any, with these dash mounts? 

The most common issues people mention are difficulty installing, and lack of proper support for mounted devices.


If you’re in the market for a heavy duty mount for a wide range of devices, the dual mount option from BMS is probably your best bet. It is reportedly easy to install, and is robust enough to withstand the bumpiest roads. Of course, if you want a more affordable option and you aren’t too picky about supported devices, the ones from Hooke Road or Titan are also very good options.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to fire away in the comments section!

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