5 Best Radiators For Your Jeep XJ for 2023

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Beginners foraying into the world of jeeps often wonder whether a radiator is at all necessary for a jeep to run smoothly. Well, you may take your Jeep XJ for a ride without it, but the engine will soon get overheated costing you a few dollars to get a mechanic fix it.

So, you need a good quality radiator to avoid this hassle and keep your jeep motor cool and chill.  The radiator itself is nothing but a cooling system that sends liquid coolants to the various blocks and heads of an engine to absorb the heat generated.

After cooling the engine, the liquid returns to the radiator where it cools down due to the air flowing within, and the process is again repeated. Even when the temperature soars too high and you ride your jeep in hot and arid weather, the radiator keeps the engine from getting too hot.

If you are in the market looking for the best radiator for jeep XJ, you will come across several options, enough to leave you confused. We know you may not have the time for a detailed analysis before pressing on the order button, so we have done the homework for you.

After spending several hours carefully reviewing, analysis, and comparing the products, we have created a list of best radiators to help you choose the perfect one for your Jeep XJ. If you don’t have the time to read this until the end, we suggest the Cold Case 91-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ Radiator that is well-built using pressure tested aluminum and comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

#1. Mishimoto MMRAD-XJ-89 Performance Aluminum Radiator

The Mishimoto MMRAD-XJ-89 radiator is a high-quality performance part designed to work with 1989-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ. It is capable of increasing the coolant capacity by 90 percent and includes a two-row core which is 100% larger than the OEM unit.

Made from aluminum material, the radiator features a TIG-welded built, a significant decline in fluid temperature, and superior heat dissipation. This radiator is efficiently engineered and designed to maximize the cooling efficiency, which is perfect for jeeps used in hauling and towing in warm climates.

The radiator also comes with a Mishimoto M12 x 1.5 magnetic drain plug to trap any metallic fragments and debris during the cooling process. We are impressed to find that the manufacturer stands behind the product with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 40.2 x 33.25 x 7.7 inches
  • Weighs 19.75 pounds
  • Brazed Aluminum Core
  • TIG-welded end tanks
  • Direct fit for 1989-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 100% increase in fin surface
  • Mishimoto lifetime warranty

User/ Customer reviews

Users living in hot climates have expressed how well-built and properly welded this radiator is, and its excellent performance at keeping the radiator cool. Most people have said that the installation part is easy, however, it is not a ‘plug and play’ experience. A few users had some issues with the hood latch not closing properly and causing a dent in the radiator.


The Mishimoto MMRAD-XJ-89 is undoubtedly a well-designed radiator that offers effective cooling even in very high temperatures. They stand the tests of time and hot climates to keep the jeep XJ engine cool and performing well. Despite a few minor QC issues, we feel this is one of the best radiators money can buy.  

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#2. Spectra Premium CU1193 Complete Radiator

Designed and developed in North America, the Spectra Premium Radiators stand as a premium example for manufacturing technology, innovative engineering, and quality control. The manufacturing process transforms a single piece of high tensile aluminum into a complete radiator ready to be used in Jeep XJ.

Made from the highest-grade materials, the Spectra Premium meets or exceeds the original radiators in terms of performance. Each radiator unit developed in the factory passes through rigorous in-house testing that involves pressurized and leak tests to confirm a leak-free design.

Each Spectra Premium radiator is subjected to hot and cold temperatures for numerous cycles to ensure that it can withstand adverse weather conditions. They are also adept at enduring the pressure build-up and release during the numerous cycles. The manufacturer stands behind the product with a solid 2 years warranty.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 38.78 x 22.25 x 4.63 inches
  • Weighs 14 pounds
  • Maximum cooling efficiency
  • No modifications required for proper fit
  • Perfect fit guarantee
  • Engineered to last

User/ Customer reviews

Users who were initially skeptical about the product due to the low price have said that they were pleasantly surprised with the ease of installation and performance at high temperatures. A few customers have said that the radiator leaked after 18 months but it was not a bad deal for the price. Some customers who ran into issues have said that customer service is not that effective.


The Spectra Premium CU1193 is a single core radiator that perfectly fits jeep XJ and the installation turns out to be pretty smooth. Although the cooling capacity is not as good as the original double-core radiator, the extremely affordable price point makes it a great choice. Overall, we feel that it delivers good value for money.

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#3. Cold Case 91-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ Radiator

The 91-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ Radiator from the house of Cold Case is fully TIG welded to provide a perfect fit for jeep XJ installation. Made from high quality 100% aluminum, the radiator is paint-able, with stamped end tanks to give it a more original appearance.

We prefer the stamped end tanks as they have a lower chance for leaks on other welded seams. The radiator also features an oversized two-row cooling design that delivers an equally good performance at keeping the engine cool, as the three or four-row radiators.

The two-row cooling design also results in a 40% rise in coolant volume for enhanced cooling capacity. It includes 160-corrugated fins per inch to provide a bigger surface area in order to ensure better cooling capacity. Each Cold Case radiator is pressure-tested to perform in all situations and comes backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 38.1 x 7.4 x 15.5 inches
  • Weighs 17.08 pounds
  • 100 percent TIG welded
  • Corrugated fins for more thermal transfer
  • OEM stamping
  • Pressure tested Aluminum

User/ Customer reviews

Users are happy with the performance of this Cold Case Radiator as it’s designed to be placed closer to the engine to keep it cool in the hottest days. Some Cherokee owners have also said that this is an excellent choice to keep the engine cool even in the hottest days. A few users have also mentioned that the installation is a breeze and fits perfectly in the space.


These radiators are well-designed and after painting, you can hardly tell the difference between the original radiator and the replacement. With a lifetime warranty covering your investment, this is one of the best radiators you can buy at this price. It offers good value for money.

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#4. 3 Rows Aluminum Radiator For Jeep Cherokee XJ

This is a 3-rows aluminum radiator designed to perfectly fit a Jeep Cherokee XJ to keep the engine cool and running smoothly in the hottest climates. Those who prefer a 3-rows radiator over a 2-row will benefit from choosing this one made of complete aluminum material.

There are several reasons that make a three-row aluminum radiator better than a two-row version. When there are more rows, it provides more surface area contact with the fin, and this consequently results in much higher heat rejection. Hence, several jeep owners prefer a 3-row radiator over a 2-row to ensure high performance and save in weight too.

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#5. OzCoolingParts 84-01 Jeep Cherokee Radiator Fan Shroud Kit

Jeep Cherokee XJ has the tendency to get heated faster and if you live in a region with a hot climate, you will need to invest in a good quality radiator like the one by OzCoolingParts. This is a 3-row core radiator made from 100% aluminum for lightweight and better cooling.

It also includes 3 pieces of 9-inches engine cooling fan kit and shroud that is tested and inspected for 100% quality assurance. The high-performance racing design of this unit improves the overall cooling by 35 -45% to keep the engine working perfectly in adverse conditions.

The radiator aids in cooling the complete engine section including the radiator, oil system, transmission, intercooler, and A/C System. Due to its slim profile, the radiator provides an excellent engine bay clearance and leaves more space for engine modification.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 38.3 x 16 x 10.4 inches
  • Weighs 25.2 pounds
  • 3 x 9″ Fan
  • 3-row core radiator
  • Extra cooling capacity
  • 100% inspected and tested
  • OE Fitment or Replacement

User/ Customer reviews

Most users have said that the jeep radiator works well and the installation is also easy although the top screws tend to strip out fast. People have also mentioned that the fans that come with the radiator do a good job at cooling even in the hottest temperatures in the summertime. A few customers have warned that the fans do not have a plug connection system so they need to be wired.


The OzCoolingParts radiator is perfectly designed to fit well with Jeep Cherokee XJ/Jeep Comanche to ensure a high-quality cooling mechanism. With a slim design and lightweight frame, this radiator is just what you need for a hassle-free installation. Overall, we feel that this product offers a good value for money and works best for jeeps that go miles in a hot climate.

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Buyers Guide: Things To Consider When Looking For Jeep Radiator


This is perhaps the most important thing to consider as the material determines the overall performance of the radiator. Most good quality radiators are made of aluminum as this is a highly effective material for its lightweight and cooling capacity. Brazed aluminum ensures less distortion and joins stay clean.

Heat dissipation

This will depend on the type of material used for making the radiator. Some are a few three-radiator options that offer higher heat dissipation for more effectiveness. A few brands achieve more heat dissipation via a larger surface area.

Ease of installation

The modern day radiators are easy to install by self, which means that you don’t need to be a mechanic to replace the stock radiator with a new one. However, make sure the product comes with a user manual and essential hardware needed for the installation.

Price Point

Your budget will of course play an important role in determining whether you opt for a high-end radiator or a cheaper alternative. The expensive and high-end radiators will have a superior build quality and include extra features like radiator caps, drain plugs, and TIG-wielded end tanks. In most cases, you get what you pay for.

Related Questions

Why is my Jeep XJ overheating

The early XJ models have a closed style cooling system that causes the fittings and hoses to harden-up and break with time. This also results in tiny leaks in the fittings, further causing the engine to overheat. Sometimes, poor maintenance or inadequate flushing of the cooling system may result in a coked-up system.

What causes a jeep to overheat

Some of the common reasons that cause the cooling system to fail and result in overheating the engine are the bad water pump, malfunctioning fan, stuck thermostat, coolant leaks, head gasket leak, bad radiator cap seal, bubbles or contaminated fluid in the cooling system

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