6 Best Tire Carriers For Jeep JKs for 2023

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Having a Jeep without the proper tire carrier is a recipe for disaster. Jeep owners that purchase a tire carrier need to be confident that it can support the weight of the oversized tires that go hand in hand with these vehicles. It needs to be sturdy enough to provide that support, and durable enough to handle rough terrain. Aesthetic appeal is another thing that some owners will want to consider. These 6 tire carriers for Jeeps are the best of the best.

Editor’s Choice –  Rugged Ridge 11546.50 Spartacus HD Tire Carrier Kit

Product NameWeightDimension
#1. Smittybilt 7685725 pounds48 x 29 x 8 inches
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#2. Smittybilt Oversized Tire Carrier50 pounds24 x 15 x 4 inchesShop Now
#3. Smittybilt 2743 Oversize Tire Carrier24 pounds28 x 13 x 16 inchesShop Now
#4. Smittybilt 76856173. pounds66 x 17 x 28 inchesShop Now
#5. Havoc Rear Bumper With Hinged Tire Carrier60 pounds67 x 21.5 x 19 inches

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#6. Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier Kit52 pounds27 x 19 x 14 inchesShop Now

#1. Smittybilt 76857

This Smittybilt tire carrier is dominating the market. It proves a wealth of benefits that Jeep owners will enjoy, including versatility. It can be used by those that want somewhere to put their spare tire or Jeep owners that need a spare tire for their off-roading adventures. It was built to both last and be perfect for everyone that needs a tire carrier. 

Adjustable Mounting Bracket

Off-road tires? Not a problem. Custom rims? No sweat. This Smittybilt 76857 tire carrier was designed to accommodate tires of all sizes for those that have special needs. The mounting bracket can easily be adjusted to make sure that the tire fits, yet remains snug in place while you’re going down the road. 

Unquestionable Durability

As with everything from Smittybilt, this tire carrier is extremely durable. It connects to the bumper instead of a flimsy piece of metal like other tire carriers. This product is also comprised of stainless steel. It is heavy to pick up, and sturdy while going down the backroads. 

Unclear Instructions

As with everything, there is always one bad thing with all the good. For this particular product, it seems to be the instructions. Multiple customers have complained that the instructions were unclear, or that they had to take apart the tire carrier and re-install it after following the instructions to get it on the vehicle right.

However, so many people have had problems with this that there is a wealth of videos available on YouTube that not only explaining but also show, customers how to properly install this product. Make sure to watch them before just reading the instructions and installing it. 

Proper Adjustment Is A Necessity

This tire carrier cannot quickly be installed and forgotten about. It is important after the install to take it for a test drive. If there is a rattling noise, more adjustments are needed. This can be tedious at first, but most state that the durability of this tire carrier and not being able to hear the rattle make the extra time well worth it. 

Overall, Smittybilt 76857 (learn more) is a solid investment. Once you get past the instructions and adjustments, you can feel confident going off-roading without hearing the annoying rattling sound or your tire not being sturdy enough. 

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#2. Smittybilt Oversized Tire Carrier

The Smittybilt 2843 model is designed specifically for oversized tires, or even regular-sized spare tires. You’ll never have to worry about your tire not fitting the mounting bracket properly when you pick up this one. 

Only Available In Black

It should be noted that this oversize tire carrier for jeeps is only available in black. If you’d like a different color, spray painting is a wonderful option. Make sure to spray paint your tire carrier before installation. 

Works With Regular-Sized Bumpers

Long gone are the days when you had to purchase an aftermarket bumper for your Jeep to have an oversized spare tire. This model is designed specifically to hold the extra weight of a full size or oversized tire without forcing you to upgrade the entire Jeep. Even with a regular bumper, this mounting bracket will hold up to 135 pounds. 

Instructions Difficult For Beginners

If you’ve never installed a tire carrier for a Jeep before, it might be a challenge to install this based solely on the instructions. They do leave out small parts of the installation process that beginners will need. YouTube videos and online assistance can make up for this, though. Those that have experience working on Jeeps will not have a problem installing this product. 

Includes Third Brake Light Mount

This Smittybilt tire carrier comes with everything that you need for your third brake light. Installation is easy, too! A third brake light is often a necessity when you have an oversized tire on the back of your Jeep, so we appreciate that this is included. 

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#3. Smittybilt 2743 Oversize Tire Carrier

This tire carrier is built with the same high quality and durability that Smittybilt has come to be known for over the years. It maintains the quality behind the name that customers have come to trust and offers a few things that you won’t find with other tire carriers. 

Matte Black Finish

This tire carrier, built specifically for a Jeep Wrangler JK, has a unique matte finish. This is perfect for those that don’t like the semi-gloss finish that most products have. Get the look that you want without having to put in any extra work to paint the product. 

Easy Installation With No Drilling

Beginners will need to look up additional instructions online instead of going by the ones included in the box to make sure that they do not have to take apart the product and re-install it. Most people with a small bit of experience will not run into any problems. 

Aside from that, the installation is relatively easy. The Smittybilt 2743 (learn more) is designed to line up with the holes that are already on the Jeep and the factory bumper, eliminating the need for drilling or customized Jeep products. It can easily be installed using little hand tools. 


This tire carrier is designed for tires that are approximately 35 inches, and up to 195 pounds. It can easily be adjusted to ensure that the tire fits snugly against the Jeep to both avoid rattling and keep the tire secure. Some do recommend letting the tire rests lightly against the bumper to take the additional weight off the tailgate. 

Brake Light Not Included

Unlike other tire carriers, there is no brake light included with this product. Instead, it is designed to work with the factory brake lights. Those that would like an additional brake light will need to purchase that separately. 

This is one of the cheaper options on the market for an oversized tire. Most have no problems with the installation process, making it an exceptional choice for beginners. It is durable, affordable, and one of the 5 best tire carrier for Jeep JK models. 

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#4. Smittybilt 76856

This model is designed to be hardcore. If you’re in the market for something that you know is going to last, the Smittybilt 76856 (learn more) is definitely worth taking a look at. Manufacturers boast of a durable tire carrier comprised of cold-rolled steel, and they provide a limited 5-year warranty to back up that claim. 


This Jeep tire carrier is designed to suit your needs. The black finish coordinates perfectly with any color Jeep. Products are available for both two and four-door models to ensure that it will work perfectly with whichever one you currently own. This product is a new bumper, tire carrier, and hitch all in one. 

It’s Heavy

When your package arrives, you’ll notice that you just received over 150 pounds of steel in the mail. While this might not be much for some people, it can make it a bit difficult to install by yourself. Have a friend come over to help with the installation process just in case. It might be easy to lift, but can still be hard to maneuver into place. 

Highly Durable

This massive piece of steel is carefully welded together before it is shipped off to you, meaning that you won’t have to worry about it breaking. The pieces will all fit together perfectly because they are already welded into place. The cold-rolled steel gives this product additional stability and durability through rough terrain, just like products for jeeps should. 

No Rattling

Different bumpers and tire carriers for Jeeps are known for rattling. This is usually because the tire carrier needs to be adjusted, or the product just doesn’t fit snugly like it is supposed to. Customers that already own this bumper/tire carrier/hitch report that rattling is never a problem! You can enjoy going as fast as you need to without having to turn the radio up. 

It’s The Complete Package

It’s important to keep in mind that this is a bumper, tow hitch, and tire carrier all in one. You do not get the option just order the tire carrier. It’s often put into one of the three categories, such as the tire carrier category because it includes that. However, you get the complete package. If you’re in the market for all three, this might be just what you’re looking for, though. 

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#5. Havoc Rear Bumper With Hinged Tire Carrier

This rear bumper takes things to the next level. You’ve got options with this product. You’ve got stability. You’ve also got room for an oversized tire. There are plenty of pros about this product, but there are also a couple of things to keep in mind, as there always are. 

Light Options

This particular product has several lighting options for you to choose from. The standard cut out bumper gives you the perfect place to put your lights, but the lights are not included. The tire carrier option comes with the lights cut out, and the lights are not included. There is also a solid bumper without the spot cut out for LED lights. Note that only the tire carrier option comes with both the bumper and the tire carrier. 

Wonderful Warranty

Whenever a company offers a warranty like this one, it makes the product truly stand out. There is a limited lifetime warranty on the structure of the product, so you can trust that it’s durable. There is also a three-year warranty on the powder coat on the product. This means that if your paint job messes up sooner, you can give them a call to see if it’s covered or not. Keep in mind to check the warranty for the various options, though. 

Can Handle Oversized Tires

The tire carrier is designed to accommodate tires that are up to 40”, which includes most oversized tires and full-size spares. These do tend to be heavier, but that won’t be a problem. This tire carrier can help support the weight just fine so it won’t put too much weight on your tailgate or your bumper. The bumper is also sturdy enough to handle a portion of the weight if Jeep owners are concerned that it will be too much on the tailgate, though. 

Easy Install

The installation process is easy enough that most Jeep owners can handle it themselves. You might need a friend to help you lift this product into place as it weighs in at 60 pounds, but that’s all you’ll need them for. The bumper and tire carrier easily bolt into place, and there is no drilling required. The mechanically inclined can complete installation with a few hand tools and a few hours. 

Aesthetic Appeal

A majority of aftermarket bumpers for Jeeps leave most of the tailgate or rear of the Jeep exposed because they sit too low. That’s not a problem with this product from Havoc. Instead, you can fit it into the slots on the Jeep to sit as high, or as low, as you would like. For a clean-cut look, sit it higher so that it doesn’t leave too much of the tailgate open. This provides an aesthetic appeal that most people will appreciate. Enjoy the clean-cut look while having all the support you need to go off-roading. 

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#6. Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier Kit

The Rugged Ridge tire carrier kit comes with the basic necessities that you need to put a tire on the back of your Jeep. It gives you options to continue upgrading your Jeep with the same brand, offers easy installation, and much more. 


Need room for a small spare? It can go smaller. Have an oversized tire that is going to win you cool points? It can adjust to accommodate tires up to 37”, so you’re going to get at least a few more bonus points when friends see your Jeep. Keep in mind that this distance includes the tire and the rim. The complete space available is 37”.

Five Year Warranty

Although this warranty is limited, which means that there are going to be certain exclusions, it will cover most things for a five year period. That lets customers purchase this tire carrier with confidence. It’s also nice that this warranty seems to come standard with most Rugged Ridge Jeep products. 


Just because this product is durable doesn’t mean that it has to be unbearably heavy. Instead, this one only weighs in at barely over fifty pounds. It will be easy to pick up and install by yourself if you need to. You also will not have to worry about it putting too much weight on your tailgate. 

Making Sure It’s Tight Is Essential

Every tire carrier has a little extra something that owners have to do, and for this one, it is making sure that it is tight. If it is not, expect to hear a thumping of the tire against the tailgate. Make sure that the screws are tight when first installing the tire carrier. Then, open the tailgate and tighten them again. After that, take it for a test drive to make sure that there are no surprise noises later down the road. 

Compatible With most Aftermarket Bumpers

If you’ve already started upgrading your jeep, and just need a tire carrier, that should not be a problem. This tire carrier is compatible with almost all OE bumpers. Other aftermarket bumpers will more than likely work just fine with this product. 

Complete Line Of Jeep Products

If you’re a sucker for making sure that everything coordinates to perfection, you’ll appreciate this. The Rugged Ridge line of products includes everything from lift kits to bumpers to floor liners, and they all come with a warranty. If you plan to upgrade your bumper, lift your jeep, or complete other customizations in the future, this is something to keep in mind. 

When selecting the perfect tire carrier for your Jeep JK, it’s important to keep in mind what you both want and need. Every Jeep owner needs a tire carrier that offers stability, and that will be durable enough to last for years. It should fit snugly against the body of the Jeep instead of making a rattling or thumping noise, too. Last, the level of difficulty that installation is should also match your experience level to ensure that you do not run into problems. 

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