3 Best Cell Phone Holders for Jeep Cherokees for 2023

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The rapid pace of modern times requires us to keep up with advancements in technology. While these new gadgets and devices offer ease and convenience, we often need additional accessories to further the experience. This is ever poignant when it comes to cell phones and driving, where getting a holder is an absolute must.

In the case of driving a Jeep Cherokee, the frequent bumps and bouncing means you have to have a way to steady your phone while using GPS or listening to music. So which cell phone holders are best for a Jeep Cherokee? The following discusses three top picks: TOPGO, TORRAS and BESTRIX.

Quick Summary

  • For the ultimate in sturdiness, stability and versatility, the cell phone holder by TORRAS is a prime pick for long road trips and multiple phone types.
  • BESTRIX’s cell phone holder is perfect for in-town driving and short distances since it offers secure, subtle and reliable convenience.
  • When you have to constantly change the phone’s orientation between horizontal and vertical, the holder by TOPGO is best.

Who Should Get This?

Anyone with a cell phone or Smartphone who drives a Jeep Cherokee should consider any one of the holders below. This will be particularly important for weekend road warriors and frequent freeway travelers.

Jeep Cherokee Cell Phone Holders: Our Picks

1. TOPGO Cell Phone Holder

The universal cell phone holder by TOPGO is suitable for the ruggedness that a Jeep Cherokee delivers. Any phone with up to 0.51” thickness and a length between 2.01” to 3.54” will fit. This means recent releases of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and LG are perfect.

Soft sponge cushions, a curved arm and holding feet protect the phone from damage. Although the arms adjust the holding depth and length, the limiting phone thinness means you can’t include the battery case. But it’s very easy to install, you just put it inside a cup holder. The heavy, adjustable base measures a circumference of 4”, giving the holder a locking feature.

It comprises super durable plastic with an adjustable gooseneck stand. This measures up to 8” long with a 360° range, so you’ll be able set your phone to a horizontal or vertical orientation. It’s flexible and has an easy-to-turn knob with an anti-slip, secure grip. The height adjustment gives optimal flexibility.  

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2. TORRAS Cell Phone Holder

Excellent for use in a Jeep Cherokee, this military-grade cell phone holder from TORRAS is ultra durable. It’s 100% user friendly and adjustable for hands-free convenience.  The arms and feet not only lock your phone securely but also release easily with the touch of a button. This suits all kinds of cell phones; even ones with thick cases, battery cases and ring cases.

There are a few mounting options available. It can install onto the dashboard or windshield via suction cup. However, you can also use the clip attachment to have the holder sit in the air vent. The clip has a nut that fixes freely to the clamp with two small arms pressing against the upper and lower vent blades; creating a triangular brace without damage to your car.

The reusable suction cup can withstand temperatures from as low as -4°F (-20°C) to as high as 203°F (95°C). The downfall with this is you can use the sticky pad that comes with the holder only once for the suction cup.

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3. BESTRIX Cell Phone Holder

For compatibility with any Smartphone up to 6½”, the BESTRIX cell phone holder (see Amazon) is great for Jeep Cherokees. It comprises high-quality and flexible ABS materials for the dual-clamp grip. It’s strong, magnetic and offers a 360° range of use.

The installation process is more than simple with the magnet attachment being the holder’s crowning feature. It clamps onto the air vent while the holder’s strong metal frame secures around your phone. The frame then connects to the magnet and stays that way no matter how bumpy or rough the drive gets.

The metal frame’s interior contains silicone padding to protect your phone from damage too. There’s no assembly while being hassle-free and hands-free. BESTRIX’s elegant and luxurious patented design is portable, reliable and compact. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to wireless charge your phone while attached to the metal plate.

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What to Consider in a Cell Phone Holder for Jeep Cherokee

  • For cup holder mounts, make sure you measure the circumference of your cup holder before buying to make sure the cell phone holder will fit without issue.
  • Evaluate and consider how rough you are with your phone and its accessories to ensure you get the appropriate model best suited your purposes.
  • Also think about how often you’ll travel over rough terrain or bumpy roads to guarantee your cell phone holder stays in place.
  • If there are multiple drivers of the Jeep Cherokee, be sure to get a mount that will accommodate everyone’s various brands, models and cases.
  • Visit individual manufacturer’s websites for in-depth info about their cell phone holder and to get a better idea of the quality.

Final Thoughts

Getting a cell phone holder for your car is a necessity if you’re always on the road. Whether you take long hauls or make frequent trips around town, it can be a convenient accessory to make life easier. When you consider the models available against your needs, a cell phone holder can be one of the greatest tools.

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