4 Best Radiators For Jeep CJ7 for 2023

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Owners of Jeeps revel in customizing their ride for both daily commute and extreme experiences more than any other vehicles that ply on or off-road. From simply improving the aesthetics to leveling up the speed and performance on all types of terrains, there are different aftermarket parts available in the market.

One of the most commonly replaced performance parts is the radiator, which helps in keeping the engine cool and prevents premature failure. When your jeep is equipped with a powerful radiator, you can go long distances and even ride in high temperatures without the fear of damaging the engine.

Thus, replacing the stock radiator with a well-built and more efficient aftermarket part is perhaps one the first things any jeep enthusiasts would do to add more years, power, and speed to his vehicle. We know choosing the best radiator for jeep CJ7 is not as easy as said.

There are several things you need to consider before finding that perfect radiator that works with your jeep model. To make your task easier and save you time, we have done the research work for you and compiled a list of some of the top-rated radiators available online.

Read on to find our unbiased reviews of the radiators that we have carefully handpicked after hours of analyzing, comparing, and reviewing. If you are in a hurry, we suggest that you go with our editor’s top pick – Aluminum Radiator for Jeep CJ Series (learn more) that is 40% more efficient at cooling engines than the stock parts.

Product NameDimensionWeight
#1. Aluminum Radiator for Jeep CJ Series CJ5 CJ7 w/Chevy V8 1972-198620-3/4″H×24-3/4″W×2-5/8″Tn/aShop Now
#2. ALLOYWORKS 3 Row All Aluminum Radiator30.12 x 26.18 x 7.52 inches23.8 poundsShop Now
#3. OPL HPR075 Aluminum Radiator For Jeep27.5 x 21.75 x 4.87 inches13.43 poundsShop Now
#4. ALLOYWORKS 4 Row All Aluminum Radiator22″ H X 27″ W25.794 poundsShop Now

#1. Aluminum Radiator for Jeep CJ Series CJ5 CJ7 w/Chevy V8 1972-1986

The first name on our list is this aluminum radiator for jeep CJ from the house of GPI Racing and the replacement part is perfectly compatible with CJ5 CJ7 w/Chevy V8 1972-1986. The heavy-duty construction and enhanced cooling capacity make it 40% more efficient than any standard radiator.

We are impressed to find that the center of this radiator is welded in a vacuum brazing furnace, and there’s no use of epoxy. The radiator is designed to perfectly fit the stock part and requires only a few minor modifications to mount holes to install correctly.

With a built-in oil cooler and lightweight aluminum fins, the radiator appears to be aesthetically pleasing. Tanks are completely welded by TIG, and the product comes with 100% quality assurance along with a one year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 20-3/4″H×24-3/4″ W×2-5/8″T
  • 40% efficient than standard radiator
  • Tanks 100% welded by TIG
  • Fits CJ5 CJ7 w/Chevy V8 1972-1986
  • Upper inlet is 1-1/2″ on the driver-side
  • The lower outlet is 1-1/2″ on the passenger side
  • One-year warranty

User/ Customer specifications

Most users have said that this is a well-built product that fits perfectly and delivers an outstanding result. Those who have replaced their stock parts with this were able to notice a significant improvement in daily commutes and off-road experiences. A few users have warned that the product comes with a plastic wing bolt and you may prefer replacing it with a brass one.


This Aluminum Radiator for Jeep CJ Series is a great looking and aesthetically pleasing radiator that is built to fit jeep CJ. Made From high-quality materials, it does not compromise in quality or performance. Overall, we feel that the product offers good value for money.

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#2. ALLOYWORKS 3 Row All Aluminum Radiator

Designed with perfection specifically for 1976-1986 Jeep CJ7 models 3.8L / 4.2L / 5.0L and all Jeep CJ6 models, this radiator promises to deliver the best in quality and performance. The product comes with hardware and anyone with basic jeep mechanic knowledge can easily do the installation work.

Made from high-quality aluminum, the radiator boasts a sturdy construction and the aluminum material keeps the vehicle lightweight for off-road experiences. It comes with a built-in fan with maximum 2150 cfm and 2250 rpm. The aftermarket part is in several ways better than average performing stock parts.

With the 3 rows, this radiator is one of the best that offers increased performance and better cooling as compared to the 2 rows products. We are happy to know that the radiator is covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty against any defect and 30 days return policy.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 23.94″ x 15.75″ x 1.73″
  • 3 Row Core
  • Made from full aluminum
  • Inlet/Outlet 1.5″/ 1.5″
  • Maximum Fan CFM 2150 cfm and 2250 rpm
  • Transmission Automatic and Manual
  • Radiator cap included

User/ Customer reviews

Users who have installed the ALLOYWORKS radiator have said that it performs exceedingly well especially in the hot summer weather and keeps the engine cool even in long distances. A few users have said that the radiator did not fit perfectly and they have to make some adjustments.


If you are looking for a decent replacement for your stock radiator within budget then this ALLOYWORKS 3 Row All Aluminum Radiator (see Amazon) is a good choice. At this price, the ALLOYWORKS radiator offers an incredible price to performance ratio.

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#3. OPL HPR075 Aluminum Radiator For Jeep

The next product on our list is the OPL HPR075 Aluminum Radiator that comprises of thicker cores than the stock OEM/Factory radiator. It sports a complete aluminum alloy construction that makes the radiator lightweight and a perfect fit for your Jeep CJ.

Due to the radiator’s epoxy-free construction, there is nothing to leak, chip, or crack. Equipped with OPL cooling technology, the louvered fin design aids a 30% rise in heat transfers to ensure maximum performance. There are dual and triple pass designs for people who wish to push the jeep’s capacity beyond limits.

As the radiator is welded with high-quality all-aluminum construction, it stands the test of time. The reinforced die-stamped tanks also offer additional rigidity and the heavy wall inlet and outlet settings offer a secure hose connection. The manufacturer strongly recommends professional installation for optimum results.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 27.5″ x 21.75″ x 4.87″
  • 13.43 pounds
  • Inlet 1.5″ / Outlet 1.5″ / Rows 2
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Manual Transmission
  • Fits Jeep w/Chevy CJ, CJ5, CJ7 Motor Swap

User/ Customer reviews

Jeep owners who have installed this OPL HPR075 radiator have reported that everything from the installation to on-road experience went smoothly. Users find it a perfect fit and designed perfectly as the stock part, but better in cooling capacity.


If you love your jeep and want the engine to deliver an outstanding performance and last for long, we recommend that you opt for the OPL HPR075 radiator (shop now). Made from aluminum, it is lightweight and sturdy enough to stand the tests of time and deliver satisfactory off-road performances. 

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#4. ALLOYWORKS 4 Row All Aluminum Radiator

Here’s another one from the ALLOYWORKS stable and this time we recommend their heavy-duty 4 rows all-aluminum radiator for optimum performance. The unit is designed to perfectly fit 1972-1986 Jeep CJ5 CJ6 CJ7 GM Chevy V8 Conversion, and offer a perfect replacement for the stock part.

The package includes one 4-row all aluminum radiator along with radiator cap, one aluminum shroud, and two 12″ electric cooling fan, with mounting kits, included. Due to the heavy-duty 4 row aluminum construction, it does not add to the weight of the vehicle but scores high in sturdiness.

Equipped with aluminum tube and fin design, this radiator offers an excellent cooling capacity to keep the engine working in the best condition. As the product includes all installation hardware, individuals with knowledge of jeep mechanics can do it themselves, however, we recommend taking the help of a professional.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 16″ high x 24″ wide
  • For 1972-1986 Jeep CJ5 CJ6 CJ7Made of Full Aluminium
  • 4-Row of tubes Core Racing Design
  • OEM Style Brass Petcock Drain
  • Mounting Type Bracket Mounted

User/ Customer reviews

Most customers are happy with their purchase and they feel that the built quality of the radiator and fan is just right, plus the installation hardware makes it convenient to set up quickly. A few users have said that it is narrower than stock parts, hence they had to create brackets to widen.


With four rows of tubes and high-grade aluminum construction, it certainly cannot get better than this. As the package comes with all the parts and installation hardware required, it saves you the time and hassle to acquire them separately. This is undoubted, one of the best radiators money can buy for your Jeep CJ7.

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Related Questions

How to maintain a radiator

Yes, the radiator takes care of your engine but you also need to maintain the radiator to make it last longer. We suggest that you keep the coolant or fluid-filled at all times and place the radiator cap tightly to ensure that the coolant chamber stays pressurized. Also, make sure that you have the radiator flushed, cleaned, and filled at least once a year.

Can I put water in the radiator

When riding long distances, you may sometimes be tempted to add water to your radiator. While it may be done, we suggest that you use a mixture of coolant and water for the best results. Plain water reaches boiling temperature before coolant, hence it may cause your engine to overheat.

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