Will a Full-Size Mattress Fit in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

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Will a Full-Size Mattress Fit in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

There are loads of different mattresses available out there, but the question today is: what kind of mattress will fit in your Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The short answer to whether a full-size mattress will fit inside of a Jeep Grand Cherokee’s trunk is no. A twin-size mattress, however, will fit in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

There are a lot of mattress options that you can choose from, but we will simply only go over those best options that are capable of fitting in the back of your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Often, most SUVs are bought by drivers who are enthusiastic about the outdoors and follow a lifestyle that is adventurous in many ways. They are typically quite fearless about exploring both day and night out in the mountains, forests, canyons, and other natural features our beautiful planet has to offer. Some of these drivers are researchers who spend days—and sometimes even weeks and months—in the jungles and deserts looking for more and more discoveries and information to fill in the blanks of how the planet earth is structured and what secrets it holds for us as its human occupants.

This necessitates the availability of a sport utility vehicle that can accommodate one or more people and, at the same time, also serve the role of a temporary home or room where one can sleep away their fatigue to be ready for a fresh new day, whether of exploration for fun or for work.

The vehicle being discussed in this instance is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This Jeep model falls into the category of being an SUV, and it’s one that fits pretty much every definition of how an SUV should perform when taken outdoors on long trips with days away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Usually, the way one of these utility vehicles is used is by packing up loads of various types of equipment in their trunk and heading out into the wild—often in the rocky terrains and mountains—to spend weeks or sometimes even months researching and working.

The trunk of a Jeep in this situation plays the dual role of both carrying the necessary utensils and equipment for whatever expedition the driver may be heading out on, as well as, at night, converting into a nice and quiet bedroom space where one can sleep away the exhaustion accumulated throughout the day. This is often a prime issue that SUV buyers pay stringent attention to when going through the purchasing process and making a decision on what will best suit their needs.

How Big is the Storage Space in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers a decent 68.3 cubic feet of space in its trunk. The rear tailgate allows for a maximum width of 44.5 inches for loading and unloading cargo and transporting any items you may need to carry around.

The maximum height of the rear opening is 30.5 inches. What this means for someone who spends nights out in the wilderness is that they can load a mattress into the trunk of their Jeep Grand Cherokee along with any of the other gear they need for their trip.

The best bet for what will suit your needs is to opt for a twin-size mattress since it is only 39 inches in width and, therefore, can be easily loaded and unloaded from the trunk of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

What are Some Options for Beds for a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The width of the trunk opening is 44.5 inches, so while a full-sized mattress is about 54 inches wide, a twin-size normal (not “Twin-XL”) mattress would fit since it is only 39 inches wide. If you are looking for an air mattress, then your best bet would also be to go with the twin-size option for that as well.

There are a number of places where mattresses can be bought, regardless of whether it’s for home use of for use in your Jeep Grand Cherokee. There are quite a few options as well that one can choose from depending on factors like budget, usability, flexibility, etc.

Air/Inflatable Mattresses

Inflatable mattresses are known for their convenience in temporary sleeping situations, and this makes them a great solution for when you’re camping or exploring and need a quick and easy bed on the go. These can be inflated and deflated with minimal effort to ensure space maximization in the trunk of your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

On Amazon.com, you can find a variety of different options. They’re also widely available in most stores as well. Just be sure that you stick with the twin size option for your air mattress to ensure that the dimension match those of your trunk and will be a perfect fit.

Folding Mattress

A folding mattress is another great option. Amazon.com offers these types of mattresses, and they are useful in the fact that they can be used when you need to sleep and then simply folded away when not necessary to save you space.

Their width is less than 44.5 inches which makes these easily fit inside the trunk of a Jeep Grand Cherokee due to matching up with the average sizing for twin-size mattresses.

Standard Mattress

Although it may not be the most ideal choice due to the other two options allowing you to fold or roll them up to have more space when not sleeping, if the standard, everyday twin-size mattress you have fits your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s trunk dimensions, this is a great last resort. When you need to rest while out exploring, you need to rest—and a regular mattress that just so happens to fit in your vehicle may just be your best bet when all else fails.

What If the Trunk Space Can’t Be Used for Sleep?

There may, unfortunately, be situations wherein the trunk space is so tightly packed that it is almost impossible to take out all of the equipment and supplies and set aside safely to put it in a mattress—let alone do all of this rearranging after an exhausting day of being outdoors and working or playing.

In these situations, a backseat mattress would be a better option for you. On Amazon.com, one can easily browse the search results for mattresses for backseats and find numerous options that might be a great solution, depending upon your preferences. These are relatively more flexible in terms of utilizing the trunk solely for luggage and the back seat for sleeping instead.

For the adventurers out there, we hope this article provides sufficient information on how to engage in getting some good sleep while you are roaming the earth in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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