4 Best Dash Cams for Jeep Grand Cherokees for 2023

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Dash cams are becoming an important and critical device to have in our vehicles. They help us document events as they unfold which is invaluable with car accidents or other mishaps with people. But they can do so much more than that and offer an added layer of protection when you have to leave your car in an area you may or may not trust.

So, if you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee and you’re always on the go, getting a dash cam will be desirable. This will be especially true if you have to record and document a lot of things throughout the course of your day. But which ones are best for this kind of vehicle? Use this guide to help you find the best dash cam for your needs.

Quick Summary

  • The best one for extreme weather is the Rexing V1. It has the largest temperature range avaiable.
  • The best all-around dash cam for the price is the Blackvue DR900S-2CH
  • The most economical is the UltraDash dash cam.
  • The one with the most capturing potential is Vantrue’s N4 since it can record the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Who Should Get a Dash Cam for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Anyone who owns a Jeep Grand Cherokee should purchase a dash cam. They offer a great way to document interactions with law enforcement, nefarious characters, break-ins to your car and car accidents. Dash cams are excellent for Lyft, Uber or taxi cab drivers.

Also, storm chasers, tornado trackers and people who film natural phenomena will benefit from a dash cam. They’re ideal for road trips, where you can film your beautiful surroundings while driving.

Top Picks of the Best Dash Cams for a Jeep Grand Cherokee

1. Blackvue Dashcam DR900S-2CH

Blackvue’s DR900S-2CH model is excellent for Jeep Grand Cherokees traveling in hot climates. They engineered this dash cam to cut off power if temperatures get too hot. There are two channels for the front and rear of the car for full high-definition recording at 30 frames per second.

It uses 8 megapixels in the front camera and 2.1 for the rear. There are even sensors for enhanced night vision. It’s compatible with Blackvue’s free cloud service along with a 16 GB SD card for storage, so you will be able to save your recordings wherever you go.

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2. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

The Ultra HD Dash Cam by Rexing offers a 2.4-inch LCD screen that’s Wi-Fi capable. It has a wide-angle lens with a 170° range. The design is compact and can hold an SD card with up to 256 GB of memory. If the memory exceeds capacity, it begins recording over the oldest files while locking the current video. This ensures important footage stays protected.

Other Features

The supercapacitor helps the camera withstand extreme temperatures that range between -20°F and 176°F. This means it will not shutdown to prevent overheating and continue working in the most freezing conditions. The seven-layer glass lens opens to capture a sweeping view of the immediate environment. It adjusts sunlight exposure while providing crisp video, even when driving fast.

The parking monitor turns on when the sensor picks up vibration. It can also capture over a 24-hour period to create a time-lapse video in one, two or three minute intervals. This is excellent for car accidents, break-ins or for amazing scenery.

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3. Vantrue N4 Dash Cam

Vantrue’s dash cam has infrared night vision, three channels, a 24-hour parking mode, a capacitor and can support SD cards up to 256 GB. This means it can capture the front, rear and inside of the car while handling temperatures ranging between 14°F to 158°F.

The lens has a wide field of vision in the front at 155°, 165° inside and 160° at the rear. You can use each camera individually or in coordination with each other. The audio capabilities and its capture angles are excellent for recording and documenting. You can adjust the rear camera 360° with a 20-foot extension cord.

Night Vision; Sensor Detection

The Infrared night vision comes with Sony’s high-performance STARVIS CMOS sensor and four infrared LED lights facing the cabin. This accurately captures drivers and passengers even when it’s completely dark. This is ideal for license plates and road signs as well as rideshare drivers.

The energy-saving motion detector is excellent for the parking mode or collision detection. The camera remains on standby and wakes up when the sensors detect movement or a sudden impact.

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4. UltraDash Dash Cam

UltraDash’s dash cam has a patented magnetic charging mount. This allows you to place and move the device easily and quickly. It has an F-stop of 1.8, making this a large wide-angle aperture with 140° range. The camera has a two-inch LCD display with a supercapacitor, loop recording, a G-sensor, and a six-layered glass lens.

It also comes with a high-end night image sensor, Sony’s Exmor, and can enhance suppression of overexposure. The camera turns on automatically when the sensors detect force. However, there is no SD card included and you have to purchase a hardware kit to enable parking mode.

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Best Dash Cams: What to Consider

If you don’t find these picks suitable to your needs, there are many other dash cams to look into. Pay close attention to whether you will have to buy additional attachments or kits. Sometimes, features will not operate without them and it can be frustrating to discover later on. Consider the following five points and how important they are to you:

  1. Auto Start ; Loop Recording: Often included with most dash cams, loop recording allows for recording over older videos once the storage has reached capacity. Auto start removes the need for manual powering on.
  2. Speed ; GPS Logging: This enhances the documentary capabilities of your dash cam. You’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where something happened. Some models have this feature built-in while others require a separate unit.
  3. Event Tagging ; Impact Detection: G-sensors, also known as accelerometers, sense bumps, movement, sudden acceleration/deceleration and impacts. The camera creates a tag for the event to make it easier to find the video later.
  4. Capacitors: Capacitors provide a backup battery system that allows the camera to finish recording and shutdown without creating errors.
  5. Parking Mode: Parking mode puts the camera on standby while the car isn’t in motion. It only comes on when the sensor detects movement. But different brands set this feature up differently. Ones that have a buffered parking mode get every moment of an event from the second it starts.

Final Thoughts

Having a dash cam for your Jeep Grand Cherokee will be a sound investment. This is especially true if you’re part of the rideshare economy or if you live in an area where accidents are prevalent. But, they’re also great for road trips and capturing moments you wouldn’t otherwise be able to because you’re driving.

If these four picks don’t fit your fancy, ensure you take in the five points most important to have a dash cam. Ensure you research your chosen model thoroughly and make sure you won’t also have to get additional kits and attachments to operate certain features.

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